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Hodgkin's 27yrs. later

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In 1978 I was told I had Stage 1A Hodgkins, I was also told I would have to take radiation treatments which I did. I recieved a total 7432 rads of Colbalt 60 to the mediastinum and abdomen area. I would experience the neck burn and weight loss along with being sick until the treatments were over, after a 5 year period with out any return of the cancer I was given a clean bill of health by the treating Dr.I would not have any problems until some 19yrs. later when I started having heart trouble, then thyroid problems, breathing problems, diabetes, depression only to find out that the most recent problems have been Digestive, kidney,and swollowing problems and I've also been told that it stunned my growth. All of this is on going and I would like to hear from others who have had some of these problems.

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You may want to do a search of personal web pages and put in key words such as the name of you chemo drugs, radiation and Hodgkin's. To do this, click on "Personal Web Pages" on the left hand side of this page. If you find someone you would like to contact, you can send them an internal CSN email to see if they would like to share their experiences.

You can also contact individuals on this discussion board by clicking on the envelope icon below their posting.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Take care and be well,

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Hello, I'm a 27 survivor of hodkins lymphoma stage 2B. Which I received 4400 mantle of radiation treatments in the late 1970. Then in 2000 I got really sick with heart bacateria called endocarditis. Which is the result from high doses of radation my 2 heart vavles were leaking and I didn't know it, which in turns I had congestive heart failure. Well I recovered from that issue then 2004, I deveolped High grade sacroma in the soft neck for my neck and shoulder. This type of cancer I have now is known from to much radiation given to me when I was a child. Currently, Im 41 yrs. old. I had my first radical neck dissection. Then I underwent 4 cycles of awful chemo. Then this year in April 2005, the sarcoma came back in general the same area. Now I'm a candicate for IMRT radiation. The only problems is. The long term effects of giving me more radation, whats going to happen in 10 yrs. Will I develope and type of cancer, By the end of these radiation treatments I propably will be giving off signals of radioactive material.

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At the age of 13yrs old. I had hodkins lymphoms stage 2b. and removal of my spleen, I received 454 rad of radiation treatments. Done well for 27 yrs. ( im 41 yrs. old now. Now thing are started to happen to my I developed endocarditic and congestive heart failue. I did't know that I had 2 heart vavles that were leaking. that competely shut me down. they gave me 6 rounds of g-mycin to clear up this infection( apparently this was from to much radiation when I was a child.
then in2002. I had thyroid problems Which i under went a hemi thyroidecomy surgery ( margins were good). Currently I have been diagnosed with high grade sarcoma 3 times. ( radiation induced).
Currently I'm on chemo and having the heart check ed regular because of the adriamycin chemo.
When does these stuff ever end. Raidation kills one thing but the long term side effect creats futher trouble.
When they talk to be about IMRT radiation I was very resistent to under go adding my radiation to my body. the dr. couldn't promise me that I wouldn;t developed another type of caner,
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