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ovarian cancer blood work up!!

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Hi Ladys, I go for chemo on the 14th. In one month the blood work has gone into the thousands,3,000. Does this mean I'm done for? I need someone I can e-mail. I'm crying, my belly looks like I'm going to have a baby. I don't want to eat but I know I have to be fit for the chemo. Will the power drinks help me? I had B/b three yr ago, I know about the chemo. My mom lives with me. She has stage 4 liver cancer, I think she's going to out live me. I worry about her.
I need some one to talk to.
Hugs to all.
Carol fl

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Hi Carol, I understand the stress you are under adn needing to cry. Feel free to email anytime. My numbers have been 2000 before and I'm still here. My Dr says it just means that that the microscopic spliting or growing is fast and not that you have more tumors. The chemo should kill them back. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


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What part of your blood work are you talking about? Since your going through chemo now your blood work will go up and down, mainly down. If your talking about the CA-125, what is the lowest that it has been. I don't know anything about the power drinks. My stomach looks bad also. My advice there is to stay away from mirrors and photos. Best of luck to you. paula57

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Hi Carol,
Don't despair. I was diagnosed as a stage 4 hopeless case of ovarian cancer with a blood count of over 3000. I am now cancer free after 18 months and have astounded the medical profession. I was inoperable and had only a couple of weeks left to live. I was given palliative chemo and after 7 cycles of taxol and carboplatin amazingly I am in remission.

You must observe some fundamentals to survive.
The cancer cell requires a great deal more glucose than a normal cell.Remove all refined sugar from your diet, no refined white flour, red meat or processed food.Have 80% of your diet fruit and vegetables and 20% protein. Avoid dairy products as well.Look up the website www.outsmartyourcancer.com It is valuable information.
I am alkalising my body with vegetable juices and the diet I mentioned. Cancer cells are also acidic. Make the cells alkaline and they cannot grow. My blood count came down to 10 and remains within normal limits.

You must believe you will survive. I did and you can.

Ruth Melinda

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