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YES!!!! NED!!!! NED!!!!!

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Well my Dad just had his cat scan done this morning and thank our good God, everything remains NED!!! I was literally sick to my stomach all morning but I just got the good news a few moments ago.

It's hard to believe that around this time last year we received the worst news of our life (July 7, stage 3 adenocarcinoma of the colon). I guess a year truly does make a huge difference. It just goes to show that yes,this monster can be beat.

I want to thank everyone who kept my dearest Dad in their prayers.

Keep the faith everyone and as usual I will continue to keep us all in my prayers.


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Hey Susana - Thats FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!

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Suasna -

What great news. I'm elated for you and your dad!

- SB

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Congratulations and many blessings to you and your family. Getting the NED news is so good.


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Hooray!!! Yea!!! Congratulations!!! -- thanks for sharing your excellent, joyous news.

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Hi Susana, Great news!!!!! Gives me hope. Always good to hear that you can become cancer free. I would love to hear those words. I will some day. Again, big congrats and I feel my prayers were answered. I pray for everyone on here everyday. Maybe not all by name, but I just pray for God to take care of all my friends on CSN. He does hear and your dad is proof.
Love and prayers, Judy

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I'm very happy to hear about your dad.That gives me hope for my hubby who was just diagnosed on Feb.21,05 with stage 3 colon cancer and 9 lymph nodes tested possitive.Oh I pray for the same news.Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy your Daddy!

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Great news Susana. Do you think your dad might join me in tha NED room for a wee dram????
Btw...did yah notce that Sponger spelt your name wrong????.....too much salt metinks!!!!
All tha best for your dad....so happy for you both babe!!
luv kanga n Jen

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Wow! AAAWESOME!!! Enjoy NED!!!!! Soooooo happy for you both! Words can't be found over such joy huh? Celebrate & dance to the music!! ~ Wanda

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Wonderful news Susana! I am really happy for your family!

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Dear Susana,

Congratulations to you and your father. NED is the best phrase in the universe, isn't it? I'm so happy for you both. Your father is very lucky to have your sweet spirit with him on this journey.

Thanks for sharing the great news.

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