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Upper Respiratory Infections?

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Hi all,
Since my surgery 5 months ago I've had two bad upper respiratory infections causing flare up of pre-existing asthma (which is usually very mild and well controlled). I don't typically get a lot of colds. I'm not on chemo and blood work 1 month ago showed all normal. I'm also active...work out and hike. Anyone else experience anything like this or any thoughts?

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Ahoy, Howard -

Question... did you start working out after your surgery? Do you work out at a gym where oter people use the equipment?

Did you relocate after your surgery?

Maybe the URIs are due to your environment versus something physiologocal?

- SpongeBob

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Hi SB,
I re-started working out after surgery so was not new, but do use a public gym. We did move to a new home two months before my surgery. Perhaps it is enviornmental. Good point.

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Hey Howard,

Sorry, don't have any answers for you. I do know that surgery and my treatments have changed my body. I have noticed things ( colds and allergies) hit me harder than ever. Also, small stuff like getting nausea a lot easier, when I used to have a stomach that could handle anything.

Stay on top of it. Talk to the doc.

Wish I could be of more help.


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Hi Howard!!!

I don't know where you live but I know here in North Carolina this year, the tree pollen has been the worst it has been in years. Also, how long since you stopped chemo? Your blood work may be in the normal ranges but it could be on the low end of the range. Look at your absolute neut count. That is your ability to fight infections. The range is 2.0 to 7.5. While I was on chemo, mine was 2.5. I worked hard after chemo to build it back up and after 6 months, it is back up to 6.9 now.

Lisa P.

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Hi Barb and Lisa,
Thanks for the replies. I'll stay on top of it (might just be combination of still recovering from surgery and enviornment). Since I'm stage 2 I never had chemo and recent blood counts all ok. We had a wet winter here in Southern CA so EVERYTHING is blooming.
Thanks again!

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Howard: is your "new" home really new, or used?
If the latter, I would look for mold or carpets as a possible source.. You might also consider one of those electronic air cleaners-esp in sleeping areas. Dr. Nanuk

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