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6 Years Out!

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Six years ago I left New York Hospital after a 5 day stay for resection related to my stage 3 rectal cancer. I had already undergone preoperative chemoradiation that had wiped out the tumor...but they took some colon to be safe. I then had to go through 6 months of chemotherapy. I remember thinking, as I rode home in the minvan, wincing at every pothole on the westside highway, that life would never be the same. Here I am 6 years later, running every morning and living a good life with my wife and kids. I still have all the same fears that we survivors share, but I can put them aside for a little longer each time they recur. For those of you in the midst of treatemnt or waiting for test results, just know that there is a light at then end of the tunnel. My oncologist once told me that many, many people are cured of this disease, but you don't know it because they just return to normal life. I visit here and post when I can to remind all of us of the hope that we all deserve to have. I, too had rising CEA scares (nothing) spots on CT scans (nothing) and a sore back (old mattress). Finally, my oncologist told me that I was smart, and would just know if something was not right. That was 3 years ago and I have been great since then. Keep up the battle survivors, it's worth it!

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Congrats on the six years you are an inspiration to all of us.There are so many people going through so much on this site and it is so good to hear news like yours. I'm reaching for the five year mark next month so survivors there really is hope for us..Keep fighting

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Well said Runner..a milestone to aspire to.. congratulations, long life.. Nanuk

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Congratulations Runner. It really does help to hear the good stuff.

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Thanks Runner! and congratulations. We always like to hear good news and words of hope that all of us can beat this disease.

Stay healthy, safe and NED!


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Thanks for the encouraging story-- good luck to you -- amny more years to run and enjoy life. blessings,

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Music to all of our ears. Thanks for the post, and keep on running. Judy

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Thanks for that post, RunnerZ...that is the kind of post that keeps us all in hopes! Keep running!

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Hurray.. thank you for sharing. We need to hear the happy stories too. j

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Hi Runner,
Congratulations mate it is a great achievement. What with the pressure of surviving stage three cancer added to surviving a pressure cooker job like yours I really do take my hat off to you. A well done to your family too who have stuck by you all the way,we can't do it on our own . Keep on running my friend ,a long and healthy life to you,,,,,Ron(at 7yrs and 5 mos).

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Congratulations Runner! Even more so thank you for remaining a part of our family. Returning here as you do is such a comfort to everyone.
That goes for you too, Ron and Maggi! I know we all appreciate your efforts to instill hope for us all and you 3 know only too well how much it is needed.
Please keep joining us!!
Our love to you all, sincerely, kanga n Jen

Runner.......yu sure tha back pain is a by-product of bad mattress?? lol!

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Hey Runner....Thanks. You're timing is good. Jerri and I need a little inspiration, and your post helps. Thank you. Jimmy

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Great news indeed. Inspiring.
Thanks for sharing.

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You give us all hope. Go out and celebrate.


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Congrats RunnerZ! I have read alot of your posts over the past few months (and many hits from searching). Your experience with the battle was almost exactly the same as mine except you are 6 years out and I'm only 1 year of NED. Again congrats and it's good that you care enough to come back to this forum and fill us in! I plan on doing the same. I'm sooo glad that I, like you, had a complete pathlogical response to the pre-operative treatments.


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Oh...what a great post. Very happy for you. Your post brought such good images to mind of a possible future for myself. It can look pretty bleak at times for survival let alone thriving normalcy.

Thank-you : )

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Hearty congratulations. And thank you very much for your continuing participation in this group, even tho you left the Beast eating your dust so many years ago. Words can hardly express how much it means to those of us in the throes of it all to hear from someone who is a multi-year survivor. Your postings have been inspirational to me on a number of occasions.
Cheers, Tara

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Runner -

As always a wonderful, inspirational post!


- SpongeBob

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Hey Runner.

Thanks for all you do here on this site. Truly an inspiration to all.

I too, had stage 3 rectal. Hope to join you in a 6 year and counting survival!!! I'm currently NED.

Love always,


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