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My Dad

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Hello All,
I am new to this whole network/group thing. I am losing my Dad to Pancreatic Cancer, and have lost both Grandmothers already to it. Trying to participate in a study to see what my chances are of getting this.

Jeanie : )

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I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I can only imagine the fear you are feeling. My suggestion is to contact the American Cancer Society and ask if they can help you or give you another resource.

Good luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your father.

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I also have pancreatic cancer since December 2004 maybe you would like to write me, golfwrench@msn.com

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I've been told we all have the chromosomes for cancer in our body. Depending on our lifestyle that we lead has a great deal to do with it. Yes it can be passed from generation to generation. Depending on your age now, your personal habits, etc. will also be a factor in if you were to get it or not. Preventative steps can help make it less severe. Going through cancer treatments myself and having children with alot of questions and worries,I read and also put faith in God. My family was not very supportive. My church family and Lord Jesus Christ helped keep me going. Day before yesterday the lab techs said they have never seen my blood look so good over the past two years.

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