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Firstly guys and gal....I am sorry for being away again. I really get frustrated at not being able to post 'cos you are all so important to us.
The good news is that Jen starts her new job on monday and the organising of that has kept us on the road. Also we are shifting from "dial up" to "broadband". In OZ that is a faster way of internet connection which will make things a lo easier here on the web. This might incure sme problems initially so excuse us if we seem "not around" Health wise, I am fine guys.....just need some zzzz time.
Aspaysia.....are you offering to be a "first" on the colon "ladies" calendar? lol!
Barb.....nice to see your personal page up n running.
Bob.....when you gunna lose the shorts?..you can leave tha jewelery on tho! lol!
I was going to challenge Bud(Nanuk) but I have this fear that Alaska is not a likely place for a centrefold shoot!
Gotta go guys..b safe, b well....ah'lll b back!
love n huggs to all, kanga n Jen

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Glad to have you back. Isn't this a guilt-free zone in terms of not writing? It should be. Good luck to Jen on her new job!

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Hi Kanga,

Glad to hear from you. I have had to be AWOL more than I like as well. I'm happy Jen's job new job is going well and happy that your healthy!

Hugs to you and your bride,


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G'day, Mate!

Congrats to Jen on the new job - I am SO glad things worked out for you! No worries about being AWOL, mate - who am I to judge on that one, eh?

As for the broadband - I guess you figgered you needed to get something to allow you to download those big photo files faster, eh?

Gotta go throw another shrimp on the barbie!


- Bob

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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Thanks guys.....in btween eatin', sleepin', and travelling I get an odd moment to check you all out here.
Emily???? I sent you an email but it was returned undelivered. Is your mail box full sweetie????
Bob....anything over 1 meg. takes forever to download.....AND ....you didn't answer my question? Are you trying to be evasive???? lol!
Joy......guilty??....who ? me???
Kay.....Jen just woke up and saw your post.....she wants to know ....what bride????? lol!
He! he!....after 30 years you would think she would know she is ALL mine......lol!
love Ross n Jen

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Hey Ross and Jen,

Congrats Jen on the new job! We all need to be AWOL occasionally. Don't work too hard! Let us hear from you when you return.

Glad you will be getting "broadband". I never figured out how to "compress" my photos to send to you.

Take care, we'll miss you!


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