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PET scan results

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Hello to semi-colon colony.
After being scared spitless by the "questionable spot" on my lung I was told yesterday the PET scan showed no evidence of malignancy anywhere and per my onc. I am Free of Disease. I am one year exactly post op.
Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts. I am not yet celebrating this sensation, but I'm sure it will sink in soon. I continue to pray each night for each one of us, and I believe God does guide us within the ups and downs of each day we fight this evil disease.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Let is sink in and enjoy!


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great to hear about your results. go and celebrate and enjoy those words no evidence of disease.


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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like ya kicked some butt!!! Yaaahoooo!! You deserve to celebrate! Do something nice and enjoyable for yourself! Thanks for praying for the rest of us!...keep up the good work now! Hugggs Wanda ....xcw

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As someone said to me on this site, NED has a great ring to it, doesn't it? Congratulations. It will sink in. Thanks for letting us know. I love to celebrate these milestones.

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What wonderful news! Enjoy your wellness!


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Yea!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your joyous news with us.

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Many thanks for the well wishes I think it is important to post good news as well as rough news on here. But, then, "I'm not young enough to know everything." (Oscar Wilde)

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I think the words "NED" and "Stable Disease" are music to our ears, but I am perplexed that a Dr can
make these statements based upon one test; it is my understanding that a PET cannot see below a certain measurement -(3mm ?) and a CT -(1mm?) Can anyone clarify what exactly these tests can and cannot do?
It's not my intent to rain on anyone's parade, but
there seems to be some realistic questions here..

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source unknown:
Is a PET scan a reliable test for locating cancer recurrence after a colon resection? If not, what would be the best method?
Dr. Mulcahy:
After colon resection, the best ways to detect tumor recurrence are by discussing any new symptoms with your doctor, having regular physical exams and checking the carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) level at regular intervals. The CEA is the most sensitive test to pick up any evidence of tumor growth from colon cancers. CEA is a protein that is produced by most, not all, colon cancers. If a tumor is growing, it produces more CEA, and the level can be measured in the blood. Some doctors like to get CT scans or ultrasounds of the liver. This is not a routine test for surveillance after colon cancer resection, but in some cases has identified recurrent tumor in the liver, which can be operated on. The PET scan is helpful if the CEA is increasing, or if there is something identified on a CT scan or ultrasound. A PET scan by itself without any of these other findings is not a very helpful test in this situation.

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05:31 PM EST to steved--re: pet scans [reply]
I have to disagree with you on your post concerning pet scans. I work in a radiology dept. and have discussed with many of the docs tests that I have needed since my cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed on 3/17/03 and saw a general surgeon that day who told me I did not need a pet scan. (This was not a major cancer center.) The radiologist who read my cat scan said that a pet scan was the gold standard of treatment and not utilized like it should be. Luckily my oncologist ordered the pet scan. I saw a surgeon at a major cancer center for a second opinion, he also requested a pet scan. He was an oncology surgeon and who I chose to do my surgery. Since then I have had 2 more cat/pet scans. The radiologist said if anyone ordered a pet scan later on they would have something to compare it to.
A pet scan is not 100% and there are false positives. There was an area of concern on my last cat scan, which was followed by a pet/cat scan. It came back as positive, but some of the docs thought it was scar tissue. I was having surgery and the area of concern was removed and it was indeed scar tissue.
I think if someone is diagnosed today and there docs don't order a pet scan they should find a doctor who will.
I am sorry that this is so long.

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Thanks again for everyone's cheer. I have positioned a recliner in the NED lounge, loosened my tie and my belt to avoid the annoying adhesions in my abdomen, swallowed an immodium, eaten a banana and tried to wipe the smile off my face.
This PET scan was the result of a CT scan I had in Feb. I have been followed quarterly by my onc. who is a firm believer in the value of the PET as a diagnostic tool. My CEA has never gone above l.l at any time in 17 months of treatment for colorectal cancer, so relying on it alone in my situation didn't make sense. Although the PET can only see down to a couple mm's, it is supposed to be the BEST there is right now. Like everyone, going for a CAT and then a PET scan made me wonder if I should consult a veterinarian. I'm eating enough roughage to feel comfortable grazing in a meadow alongside the horses and cows.
NOTE to Kanga aka Thongman: Have you heard that "work is the curse of the drinking classes"? There have got to be some better thong candidates, and some photos need to be posted!

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johnom -

A new NED in the group!! YAY!!


- SB

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Congrats on NED. Go out and celebrate. I wish you continued good health.


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Great news John....congrats from OZ mate!! I am sure that the NED room has plenty of comfy leather recliners left for you to choose from John....pull up a pew n stay a while buddy. Have a cuppa n relax!
love n huggs from the thongman n Jen

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Congratulations!!!! Enjoy it...God knows you deserve it. Take care.


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