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Jen has a smile!

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Hiya all. I want to tell you that todays events have brightened our day. Many of you know the worrying situation about Jen's job being in jeapardy. I guess that I have mentioned it often and considering that many here have much greater hardships to bare I feel very selfish to have told our story. Nonetheless we were both very unhappy and stressed to the limit as Jen's job was our only source of income.
I am so relieved now and thrilled to say that Jen got confirmation today of acceptance into another full time secure job. Our day today was full of happiness and tears....the pressure is released. The past 2 years since my dx has not been a happy one and the job situation was something extra that we really didn't need. I am particularly happy for Jen because as you all know she is my "angel" and has had to work extremely hard to cope with all this.
Although this was not a fight against cancer it was a fight for our livelyhood and to all those here who new of it we say thank you for your support!
Friday night I will take Jen out to dinner to celebrate! A great weight is off our minds.
Our love to you all, Ross n Jen

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HOORAY! I am so happy for you both. And, thanks for sharing this wonderful news here. We are more than our colons and our (history of) cancer and it is good to have this upbeat reminder of that.

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That is such good news! It reminds us all that there are other aspects to our lives apart from the actual cancer that cause us stress. Enjoy your celebration!

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CONGRATULATIONS! It is so nice to open this area and find good news. I am so very happy for your family. Financial stress has caused a lot of problems for many people which shows that you and yours are strong and can make it thru anything together.
My hat goes off to you. God bless you and keep those happy posts coming!

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hey kanga and jen. i am glad all has worked out and once again you hve peace of mind. a big warm smile i send to both of you. have a great night out.


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Dearest Ross and Jen,

Just wanted to send you some love and hugs!!! That is fabulous news and I hope you can both rest easier now!

Warmest of fuzzies:)


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Big congrats to both of you. You've given me a smile, too. Have a great celebration!

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Soooo happy for you !!!! This was NOT a small hardship-- Thanks for sharing and allowing us to rejoice with you!!! Yahoo!!!!!
blessings, neelieC

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Thank you all once again. Yes, her job was a major stress for us. All I ever wanted was the knowledge that Jen would always be financially secure if my health failed me. She has worked so hard and had to endure so much. I am so happy to see her with that load off her mind.
Love, Ross n Jen

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Hugs and kisses to you both. Well deserved!!!!!

Jennifer, you go girl!!!!!!!!

Love you, Lisa P.

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Really great news. Good luck!

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Congrats to you both; the last thing you need was to worry about job security. Enjoy the celebration. Judy

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That's jsut great, congrats from the UK,

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Ross and Jen,
I had a smile too when i read your post. I am so happy for you both that you no longer have to worry about the job situation. You have been so supportive of us all here and you did not deserve that big stressor. Enjoy that dinner out!

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Awwwwww-----shucks!!! There will be an extra glass on the table tomorrow night to remind us of you guys n gals!!!!!
AND....I am gunna fill it too!!!
Then at the end of the meal I will toast all of you dear friends!!!
luv rossjen

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