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Eating Suggestions Booklet to help others

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I am interested in writing a small booklet to distribute to head and neck cancer patients, survivors and for those with special eating situations....which would entail words of encouragement, recipes, and ideas for new head and neck cancer patients in the area. Being a head and neck survivor, I know the challenges we all face when it comes to eating, whether it be at home or out in public. My question is to all of you, If you had been offered such a booklet when you were diagnoised would it have been helpful? I would like input on this idea. I feel that it would be a helpful tool in the treatment process. I am wanting to do this as a service to others. There will not be a charge for this booklet. My goal is to supply them to our Head and neck patients at our support meetings, and to the facilities and doctors who treat us. As many of us know, our social interaction are usually based on food surroundings. Although we have to be careful as to what we put into our mouths, it doesn't mean that we need to avoid all restaurants or social situations entirely, just because of our eating situation. If you would like to contribute thoughts, recipes, etc. to this booklet please let me know. Thank you for your help. God bless

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I think this would be a great idea. There is one book out there , The NO Chew Cook Book. It's very old. Maybe it would bring awarenss to resturants also to vary their menu?

My husband is not eating yet, 6 months on boost, yuk.
I did make whipped califlower, like at ruby tuesdays, and he did eat that. Must have been a good mental day.

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Thank you gerddy, I had no idea that there was a book out there. I am on the soft food eating. But some of the recipes I have are getting rather boring. I know there are others out there who don't know that there are some better options out there. Unfortunatly, I am not that creative in the kitchen, You have been a great help. Boost sucks by the way, but just to let you know each day does get better, it is a long and slow process, but it will get better. Huggs for you and your husband, best wishes and May God Bless ....Once again Thank you.

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Have some other sugestions. You can blend seedless jam with the boost to make berry shakes. They sell protein powders in health food stores with a varity of flavors, mango, capachino, etc. If you add a scoop of this with the Boost you not only increase calories but it taste better. Dry milk added to the mixture also adds calories.

As far as food, soups are good but need to have enough protein. Try pea and bean and then blend them.

You can eat anything if it is blended with enough gravey, juice, broth, or liquid.

Of course, my husband does not listen to me but maybe some of you will try.

Good luck,

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My husband won't listen to me either. He's on the tube only. He could eat if only he would try..practice at it. Too much work I guess. It's been a month since surgery and all he's had is Perative. Help...

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Sounds like a great idea. I would have really loved something like that. Nothing the radiologist suggested worked. I lived on broth for months, since Boost made me ill. Something I found out late in my treatment was that Pepsi really helped my mouth and ulcers feel better and also helped to settle my stomach. Good luck and bless you in this venture.

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Hi tgoins,
I think it is a great idea! I lived on Boost for a long time, not knowing what else to eat. Boost, when cold is not as bad and I usually add ice and blend it together. I also added a banana to Vanilla Boost, blended it together for extra nutrition and a little different drink. If I find any recipes, I'll email them to you.

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I'm glad to hear about the No Chew Cookbook. Food has been the main topic in our house for the last year. My husband says he's tired of hearing about what I can or can't eat. I couldn't do Ensure or Boost at all. I'm not sure how I survived the six month - lost 55 pounds. Thank God that I had the weight to spare. When I was finally able to eat again - it was basically very soft foods like soft scrambled eggs - tofu - etc. My mouth became very sensitive to chemicals. I have to have natural foods. I'm also very sensitive to temperature. And especially - NO SPICY PEPPERS. Restaurants don't seem to understand that. Sometimes the meals would arrive with seasoning that is way too spicy even though I have asked about the seasoning before I ordered. No heavy flour either. Gravy - thin is OK. It's been over a year, and I still cannot eat certain breads, especially soft breads. I need them to be toasted, or very dry, so that I may wash it down with liquids. Otherwise, the bread sticks to my teeth and I can't get it down. I'm not good with meats. Certain fish is OK. Scallops work, but not shrimp. So for you caregivers, please be patient. Keep trying different foods. It is vey frustrating for us.

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Hi, What type of cancer did you have? My husband had nasopharyngeal cancer advanced 4. Diagnosed 09-02. Had a feeding tube for some weeks during radiation. Please contact us through the board e-mail, I do have nutritional info. even after almost 2 years out of treatment, he still has huge problems eating etc. When I started looking there was not the same info. as today. An informational on eating, (or not being able to) would be GREAT. So many family members try to force the eating issue, like it will make the cancer go away! As I said, please feel free to mail through the board, I would like to give some suggestions about eating ,during, and after treatment. Thanks for asking for info, Good Luck with your project. B

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Hi T,
We've just started on this challenge and already are stumped for things to eat. My husband had a mass removed and dissection on his throat plus the tonsils removed so even before rad/chemo we're lost for ideas. He starts treatment 7/25 I'd like to get a list of ideas going too. Thanks for any help. God bless Delph

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I think this would be very helpful....I was searching for things that I could eat and am still having difficulty as I had to have 12 teeth pulled....If I can help in any way please feel free to contact me...tavz77@myhtn.net

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I was wondering if you ever wrote the booklet that you refer to in your email. It has been about 3 months since my treatments ended and I am trying to relearn the whole eating ting. I have been able to eat some soups and some soft foods but am getting really bored. I purchased the no chew cookbood as well as the cookbook that SPOHNC has recently put out. But, if you have any suggestions, I would love to know more information about the whole process, what to expect, some new ideas on foods, etc. I used to eat out almost all of the time and am having a hard time trying to figure out just what to try to eat!! And, cooking is not really something that I am that interested in at this point, unfortunately. Any help you can provide would be great.

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