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baring it all??or bearing it all?

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Awwwww---totally without words here!

Sorry guys n gals..bin awol again--yu know the routine, liver tests, stress, worry ad-nauseum--blah!,blagh!!!
Also had a meeting with Jen's boss yday about her work. Most of you know the distress we face at this time. Jen has been in tears the last coupla days so "bare" with us.
As for the shirt--ok--I made a promise to Lisa(Scouty)...so.....all in good time..just want to keep yu all in "suspenders" for a wee moment.
In any case Jen is at work at the moment and I need her here for moral support....even tho I could "pose" in front of a timer camera.
Still trying to fugure out what kind of leaf/flower the "crown jewels" should have the pleasure of being "shaded" by?
And no--Kerry--never fear, I will not be cajoled into a "total afrontdectomy"--lol!

Btrcup.....Linda. If you want the pics that started all this email me priv. on CSN mail board.
Ron......geez mate--who started this? Whales are a "bare" fact of life in southern oz..kanga is beginning to feel like one!
If we keep doing this it is going to end up a kanga v's Sponger contest for a CSN pictorial.

"that's if Jose don't give us our marching orders..lol!".....It's not my fault Jose!!Pleeeaase lemme stay!
Oh well......isn't laughter tha best medicine?

Gotta go now..need to go find a "large flower/leaf!

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Hey Kanga, Lisa (Scouty) emailed me the pics. All I have to say is "oohhh baby!!" (sorry Jen).


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Glad you got them Linda--trust Lisa to spread the word, lol!
Warning tho---you better brace yourself Linda 'cos by the time you read this the shirt will be gone and Lisa will need to mail you again.
ps--probably by that time Jose will have had me evicted for goin off topic.
Shudder tha thought!

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Hi Kanga,

I mailed you my personal email last week, but I didn't get any pictures. HKNorton@aol.com



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Blush Jose?? metinks there is plenty of that already going on here(kanga was bright red last night)....now that kanga has revealed all. Lisa is to bleme and Jen just had to be co-conspiritor!
errrrrrr-----what's PG-13?? Don't forget..."I come from a land down under"

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Kay--sorry sweetie..I really, really didn't get your email? I will post the pics right now. There are about 6 of them so be patient. Are you sure you are ready for them???....."brace yourself!"..lol!
luv ross n Jen

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