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Not good news - My dad's scan results

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With tears in my eyes, I am writing to tell you that my dad's scan results came back with two spots on his liver (I still can't seem to believe this is true) He was stage 3 with 11 out of 10 lymph nodes involded. I had so much hope that he would be OK and that everything would come back clear like the last scan.

My dad means the world to me and my family and my two year old daughter thinks he's the best thing since slice bread. She adores her PA that's what she calls him more then anything in this world, and he lives for her, he really does. I was scared before of loosing my dad, but know I am really scared, I don't see much hope anymore, it's still in his lymph nodes and it's already hit the liver at two stops...Does anyone know anyone that made it through all this? I don't know how much time it normally takes once it starts spreading, that's what scaring me the most? I guess there is no chance for cure now or am I wrong? I would appreciate honnest replies, even if it's not good news. Trust me, I can feel any worse then I do now.

Thanks guys again for everything.

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I know it looks bad because I've been on the other side. I was diagnosed with stage IV rectal sigmoid cancer with a met to the liver- both were resectable. I lost a lobe of my liver - so there is a chance - depending on size, location and health that liver mets can be resected. During treatment my onc always thought the liver mets would return so he prepared me for my options. The first option was to do RFA - radio frequency ablation - if the mets were caught early - can't remember exact size but a few cms. A needle/probe would be placed into the tumor and it would be "microwaved" and die. There is also something called cryosurgery where the tumor is frozen and dies. Why my onc preferred RFA I don't know. The 2nd option, if the tumors were bigger was a to place a port directly into the liver (hepatic port) to deliver chemo directly to the site. Gotta admit neither option sounded like fun but I was more than prepared to go through with it. However, I never needed it. I've been in remission since 1/99 - almost 7 years from diagnosis of 8/98. So there are options - probably more since my diagnosis- and I'm sure his onc. can go over them.

I will say I was 31 at the time and my age and general good health probably was a factor in my recovery. My only met was about 1 cm - I was told it has to be 2 cm to be "cancer" but it was still a malignant spot. I don't know how fast cancer in the liver grows but it is a blood rich environment and it's certainly more of a hotbed than the colon itself. It's not good - I sense you know that - but I wanted to let you know that someone survived and I know other stage IV's that are as long lived as I. My heart just goes out to you. Please take care of yourself- get tested yourself if you haven't already- and give your dad a big hug from another semi-colon.


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Hi Julie honey.. now wipe those tears! Yes, there's hope!! There are cancer patients on this site that will give you tesimonials of their surviving stories, so don't give up on your dad!
I for one have/had a tumor on my liver and I have gone through about 10 months of strong chemo. It shrank down to about the size of the tip of my little finger now. I just had a CT yesterday and a call from the nurse at the cancer center to tell me that it is still stable. Could even be scar tissue at this point...and I've had a long 10 week break from the chemo! Now I have a tumor in my left lower lobe of my lung to deal with and it's blocking my airway, but I'm confident that we can get it taken care of and I'll be just as fine as wine!
I know it's hard for you as a daughter to see your dad go through this, but darlin... you must be strong for him! There is always a chance for cure and options out there. so dry those sad eyes and tell your dad there's hope and not to give up! Come here and let us know how he's doing! Huggggs and prayers ~ Wanda

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I can imagine your distress but, as the others say, do not give up. There are still options. Are they sure the two spots are malignant? My husband had something similar after a year of treatment. He was dx July 2003 Stage 111 with 11 out of 18 lymph nodes involved. His CT scan a year post surgery showed two spots on liver but his CEA was low so they did a PET scan and found the spots were nothing serious at all. At his last scan the spots were still there but no change so he just has to have CEA test in a couple of weeks.

Even if the spots are malignant, there is resection and if not, RFA, which is what they were planning to do on my husband if necessary.

There are many Stage 1V's who post here, so take heart from them and keep up the fight. I know it is rough...I dread every testing time. My husband is 66 and works so hard that I worry about him all the time. But we all just have to keep hopeful for our loved ones.


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Julie. Your dad is not alone and neither are you! Everyone her understands your concerns as a loving daughter and just coming here shows that you are trying to seek all the information you can get.You can only do so much Julie....but the posts here from the others are testimony that even tho things seem grim there is always hope. You never no--just around the corner some brilliant young medical guy or gal is gunna find a total cure for this crappy disease..in the meantime keep your chin up and don't cry sweetie. Your dad sure as hell ain't done yet!!!!!!
luv n huggs to you Julie from oz, kanga n Jen

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Dear Julie,

You, your dad and your daughter have much to hope for. And meanwhile, don't forget to live for today. Take each precious moment that he is with you and treasure it. That will help you fuel up to keep giving him the loving support he needs.

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Hang in there....If I've learned anything up to this point is that you never know, just have to wait and see what the doc's find, how they plan to treat it, and how well your dad does? There's is hope... I was DX in Dec 04 w/ colon cancer with liver mets. I had 3 spots on my liver about 1cm in size and unfortunetly two were on one lobe and the third was on the other, so a resection was out of the question. So my onc started me on folfox chemo regimen. After the 3rd cycle I had a ct scan and the three liver spot/lesions were no longer visable, after my 7th round, I had a petct scan and it too verified that the liver lesions were no longer there, and on top of that the three suspect lymph nodes were no longer suspect and as of right now the primary tumor in my colon has shrunk about 20% of its original size...THERE IS HOPE!!! Hang in there, give it some time and see what happens.
I wish you and your dad well...

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Julie, please don't get discouraged. There are so many options available and so many success stories here.

Linda (Baltimore)

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I know where you are-you have to face the worse, but you need to come back around. It is not over until it is over! Mom has met. to liver-the Avastin is shrinking it all. They can get the spots on the liver with the burn-rod(my term not the offical term) the spots need to be no larger than 3 cm. You hang in there! Your daughter will have her PA around....you just have to keep fighting this even thogh it is the hardest thing to do....

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