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Hi all, I had the bronch done this morning...A tumor was blocking my airway in the left lower lobe.(..sigh) A biopsy was taken and will get word on next office visit what to do next. That mountain is getting bigger. I hope we can fix it. Right now.. very groggy from meds and need to get rest. Love to all.. ~ Wanda

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Wanda I know that you can keep being strong and fight this next issue. I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear about your next plan of attack.

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So sorry to hear of your troubles. You hang in there, girlfriend.

No stupid tumor is gonna get you down.

Now, rest and get strong. We are here to fight this thing with you.

Hugs and prayers coming your way.



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So, soo sorry, sweetie. Do stay strong.... You can beat this.... We'll pray for the results of the biopsy. blessings,

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Hang in there Wanda...lotta love here to keep you comfort!!!
luv kanga n Jen

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Sending warm, positive vibes your way. Waiting is hard. Hang in there!

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Thank-you so much Mary, Kanga & Jen, Neelie, Barb, and Erika and all those angels out there who have been there to help me through this. You're all so comforting. I'll get through it. Gods peace and strength will carry me. Love to all ~ Wanda

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Hi Wanda, I too am praying for you. he waiting is always the hardest. Keep us updated. We all care and everyone is so imformative and we have all walked the journey or took care of someone who has(they are our angels). I will remember you in my prayers tonight.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hi Judy, Thanks so much for your support and prayers! I want to go to Vegas this Oct if I can, and I want to meet you!!!!!!! Lov~ Wanda

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