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I've been working on my obituary and eulogy; this is not a dark process at all; often I've been called upon to give a eulogy, and felt inadequate because I really didn't know anything about that person or how they lived and thought.. once I have
something written, I can tweak it and refine it until it's a really informing and entertaining document; it's an exercise in biography and history-I'm amazed what I didn't know about me or had forgotton-I owe this to those I leave behind, whenever that may be.
If the semi-colons or their loved ones could post
an obituary or eulogy on their websites, it might
just be a way of contributing to this site and it's members in perpetuity..possibly making a difference long after they are gone? I'm not sure what CSN does with the web sites of those who have passed, but I for one would like to see a way of
keeping these folks around.
I offer a quote from Kris S:
" Don't let the small annoyances of life eat up precious time and energy.

Enjoy each day and make the most of it. Don't give up, there is still hope.

Although this is a tough disease, there are still many days that can be good ones. There are those who are less fortunate with diseases in which there are no ups and downs but steady deterioration."

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