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51 yrs met to liver..

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Just looking for positive support. I was diagnosed last Jan. 2004. Had surgery in March, started chemo in April (Oxaliplatin for injection & Xeloda) every other week. I've had a lot of side effects. Today I still have numb hands and feet. I'm told this does go away after chemo is stopped but takes several months. The good news is the tumor on my liver shunk. CEA count was up a bit at last lab report, but Dr has given me a 9 week reprieve off the chemo due to all the nuropathy damage and to give me a break. Since that time I've developed a cough. It wouldn't go away so I saw my regular Dr. for treatment. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and sent home with meds. It only got worse and i rattled and wheezed to the point that I could only go ten feet and have to sit down to catch my breath. Three days later I coughed so hard that I coughed out ?? something that looked like tissue.
I could immediately breath better. I reported this to the cancer center and my regular Dr. The cancer center said it was probably a blood clot. When my regular Dr. learned of this, I was asked to go to the ER and get a CT of my lungs (..all X-rays has showed clear prior to this) The CT scan showed a nodule. I'm now scheduled to see Pulmonologist in the morning. My next visit with my Oncologist is the 25th. (unless we need to make changes) I'm a positive person, but I broke down and cried in the ER. I do try to read and study all the good foods and inspiring books and I'm now learning to meditate after reading a book called Getting into the Gap by Wayne Dyer. It's very good. I've also read up on Lance Armstrong. I have a strong support group of family & friends, and that helps me. I also have a strong belief in God. Right now I'm feeling anxious about what might be going on in my lungs.
I've never smoked or abused myself. Prior to all this I worked as an RT (Respiratory Therapist)and have been very active with my life. This has really derailed me. We (husband & I) lost our home and went bankrupt due to my illness and I feel bad about that. I just want to get better and put this all behind me. We do have a nice two week trip planned in Nov. (a Cruise) I am praying very hard that I'll be feeling good enough by then to go and not cancel. My hobbies are photography & I was learning the guitar until my fingers went numb. I'd love to hear from anyone and to stay in touch so we can encourage each other. Bless you all. ~ Wanda

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Iam soo sorry that you are having a rough time. i too will be on oxaloplatin soon. Others in this site have already shared their experience with this treatment. They will probably help you through. This is a wonderful site-- I am new too.. Don't give up!!! You have soo much going for you. Keep thinking about all that you have and take courage. Blessings, neelieC

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Thanks Neeliec, Have you had sugery? How long ago was you diagnosed? I won't give up. You either OK? I do count my blessings every day. I have an angel of a husband. He's a big blessing. I'll stay in touch. ~ Wanda

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Hi...Sorry to hear it. I had about 9 inches of my colon removed due to a cancerous tumor. I lost 25 lbs but I don't recommend it as a weight loss plan. I'm nearing my remission date but was on oxaliplatin for over six months. 18 sessions total but only 9 were with oxaliplatin but I needed a lot of breaks between sessions. One of my fears of course is that the cancer will return especially since it had jumped to a lymph node and I had that removed too. It's unfortunate but most of the people close to me have treated what I went through lightly. They just don't think colon cancer is very serious and also think once it's gone you've been cured. I don't have a strong support group but I feel that a strong support group is extremely helpful. I lost my insurance after being laid off after I'd had the surgery and was through with the chemo treatments. I'm in debt too and going deeper. I have recovered fully from the oxaliplatin side effects however. That took about 6 months for me to feel like I was back to near normal again as far as those side effects go. My system has taken longer to recover and probably never will completely. My hobby is photography too although I am trying to make it pay also mainly by showing my work. I hope you get to take your trip, anything that you enjoy is positive and we need as many positive things in our lives now that we can get...Jon

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