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reaction and blood

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Hi been a while seems I only get on when I am having problems. am doing fol fox, oxi, leukovorin, every 2 weeks for 48 hours last week has reaction to oxi rash, and itchy they gave me allergy stuff for it, but I know I won't be on it anymore. Anyhow else have this problem this is my 2nd round of it, 11th session total, started june ended october then had resection of colon in december started again feb. plus I notice after bowl movement this time I had bright blood in stool is this common or what. I only have 4 more treatment to go. I have spot on liver that is why chemo started with tumor in colon but now they call it colon cancer IV. Any advice or anything. thanks karen

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I would offer that bright blood in your stool is cause for immediate concern, and should be reported to your doctor. It's not normal under any circumstances, but especially with a colon cancer patient.

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I am sorry for not being quite accurate actually it was only one bowl movement when I get done with chemo I have loose bowls for a couple of days and it only happened the one time, not in stool only when I wiped myself.

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I too have Stage IV CRV w/ liver mets...It looks like you and I are getting the same type of chemo, I don't get a rash per se, but I noticed that my back of my hands do get itchy and somewhat discolored, talked with the Onc,said it's par for the course...
I'm with Nanuk, you need to call your doc asap, about that bleeding. Take care

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Hi Karen,

I would contact your doc; they can do a quick 3-day stool sample which will show if your are passing blood or if is a fissure - and not a heavy passing. It might help you feel better having more conclusive news.

i am having a OXaliplation rash......rxn happened twice, so now they will lessen it for my next regimen....Always tweaking something....

Best of luck and keep in touch..

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