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Why I Come Here

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Dearest Friends,

I have been coming to the board for about 18 months and I am so very, very grateful for this community. I'm grateful for all of your input, perspective, guidance, encouragement, empathy, humour, love... I could go on and on. I think we all agree that this board is awesome! I can always count on all of you to lift me up when I'm down or make me smile. One of my favorite things about this community is the unconditional positive regard we have for all its members. I also enjoy the different experiences and "strengths" that people bring to the board. I know I can count on Scouty and Emily for juicing tips, Grandma47 for spiritual guidance, Lisa Rose for birthday reminders, SB and Kanga for smiles... It's awesome. We all share a common goal, whether a survivor or a caregiver, and it is to BEAT this monster. What is great about the board is that we can share advice and information about what works for us. I know Emily opened my eyes to alternative remedies and many postings have convinced me that doing some spiritual exploration would be in my best interest. While I do the latter, I am also firmly committed to Western regimens (i.e. surgery, chemo, radiation, ect.). I feel that it is the best choice for me. I do respect and encourage others, however, to chart their own course in this battle. Because, quite frankly, I don't really know what works. Emily survived with alternative healing but I know a thirteen year old girl that died of a brain tumor despite alternative therapy. Many on this board have been successful with conventional medicine but we have also lost other dearly beloved members. I have been fighting hard for 2 1/2 years but still disease remains? Why? I don't really know. So, all I can really do is keep fighting & stay hopeful. And I know all of you keep me doing that... So, from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Have a great St-Patty's Day everyone! Who's drinking green beer? You gotta love March 17th!


p.s. Getting CT results back tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers!

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Well said Andreae, Thank You for your wise words. I will keep you in my Prayers. Livin

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(((((sweet baby girl))))))

You are so right! :-)

(so when are you going to spring for a Champion Juicer huh huh?? haha)

You better go to Vegas so I can yell out from across the room "WHERE IS MY SWEET BABY GIRL???"

peace, emily who crosses her fingers and says her prayers that this will keep working

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You probably speak for most of us. I just lost an internet friend (34)who lost her battle despite both conventional and alternative therapy; that's the frustrating thing - we don't know, but CSN provides a place to come and vent those frustrations, or to just lurk and soak up the wisdom, or share with those who understand..the spirit lives here, and gives us all reasons to go on when we might otherwise not..

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Hi Andreae, I too come here for wisdom, courage, knowledge,comfort,and just plain acceptance. It is nice to know, that you are not alone out there. So I stop by & chat to some, others I read & post if I feel like,but that to me is what this disease, dragon, cancer has changed me (for the better)
Love Amy

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Andrea - You have wisdom and spirit far beyond your years!! You can count on a prayer from me.


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Prayers are a coming your way, Andrea. So well spoken. A wonderful group of people here.
Enjoy the day.

Love to ya,


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Well said Andrea. I think the smiles, rightly so, are a part of our board that helps to ease the strain a little. There is a time for us all to reflect on things throughout our lives that can bring back memories of good times. There are friends here who from day to day ask for support in the serious context as well...posts where there is a need to keep on track for those in need of support. Each in their own way have a valuable part to play in all of our lives...nothing is lost.
Most importantly of all, we all understand the incredible strain cancer puts on each of us. So it is this which endows us with the pleasure of calling each other "family".
Don't ever stop fighting Andrea....thinking and praying for you for your CT results.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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May the luck of the Irish be with you always. I'll be praying for good results tomorrow. Let us know. You are very special and as littlejulie said "wise beyond your years". I also have been fighting this disease for over 2 years. It gets tiring, but we can't give up.

I hope you can make it to Las Vegas - I'll be right there with Stace yelling "where's our Sweet Baby Girl".

Passing Irish Blessings your way.

Kerry (as in County Kerry Ireland)

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tis I who was screaming that --to stace I'll be screaming for her autograph since she is a hollywood STAR!!!! Stace is our FAMOUS VIP!!! :-) (she may have to sneak in incognito for all her adoring fans! haha)

peace, emily who will be known for her ORANGE skin tone!! (and freckles)

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THANK YOU. You said it all so very very well. I never had any family and when hubby was dx in 03 I was lost until I found this glorious place. Since then I have found a church home and now I have 2 very large very loving families. I will always come back here to see how everyone is doing. I love you all too and applaude andreae and will be praying for good results.
God Bless you and yours.

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Well said Andrea. While I don't post often, I do read this board almost every day, and gain inspiration from what I read.


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Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your uplifting words. You keep us all grounded. I hope that you got wonderful scan results.

Stay strong,


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