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grades of cancer

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I have recently discovered my mothers stage 3 rectal cancer was a high-grade cancer. She is currently cancer free. This obviously means it was agressive. I know she can still survive this but I guess I'm looking for a little more comfort. She is 56 years old and had one node involved.


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Hi Julie,
My surgeon descibed my ca as "frightfully " aggressive . It was into 6 nodes. Perhaps the greater the aggression ,the better it responds to chemo. I'm up to 7 yrs 3 mos. try not to worry as there is no evidence of disease. Ron.

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Hi Julie,
I had the same diagnosis as your mom. It is natural to feel frightened by the diagnosis and the statistics. I try to focus on "feeding the faith, starving the doubt". It sounds like her treatment was successful. Try to focus on survival and celebration.
Tara -- almost 2 years post-surgery.....

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Hi I just found your meesage and I am so new to all of this my dad who is 60 was just diagnosed with rectal cancer on friday the 11.He had his first cat scan today.I really don't know anything about this cancer.How long ago was your mother diagnosed?

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lauric - i emailed you through the network. check it out.

ron50 and tara - thanks SO much!!

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Julie,

My cancer stage 3 was " moderate grade " I was told it was with me 5 years. Who New !


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