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Hi All,

I heard Betina, a survivor of colorectal cancer, speak at a kickoff for AMC Relay for Life. She is the 2005 chairman for Texas Relay for Life. Her story was truly inspirational, and I wish you all could hear it. Anyway, she is battling liver cancer now. Several years ago she was told that if cancer recurred, there would be no treatment options. However, thanks to new drugs, she is being treated at MD Anderson with Gleevec. Anyway, she mentioned that she was having scans tomorrow and Wednesday, so I thought we needed to remember her in our thoughts and prayers. After she spoke, I went and introduced myself and asked her to join our group. Who knows, perhaps she may someday post here herself. By the way, this is her third cancer and she is still fighting hard and advocating all the way!

Also, if any of you have not been to Relay for Life, I suggest you try and make it this year. Last year was my first, and I plan never to miss it.

Wishing you all well.


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Great news! Is Gleevec a new drug? Is it for metasis colorectal cancer? or just a liver drug?

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Hi Kay,

Count me in with you for next years Relay for Life. I will keep Betina in my thoughts and prayers for a good outcome. She sounds like a fighter.

Take care,


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I am also participating in the Relay-I have been asked to speak at my local event.

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