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New to this board

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Joined: Apr 2004

Hi all. I've read several of the posting and am inspired. This is the first time I've posted anything. I am a one-year cancer survivor. I had stage 2 rectal cancer, diagnosed at age 38. I had 6 weeks of radiation/chemo, followed by surgery, followed by 6 months more chemo. I'm happy to say I am now cancer-free but am still haunted by fear. But luckily I have a wonderful husband and 2 kids that keep me sane (most of the time).

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and continue to check this board regularly. It would really please me if I could help or inspire someone else that is dealing with this disease.

Take care all.

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Hi and welcome to the semi-colons! Since you have read several postings you already know what a great support group this is. We are always here for those who need to be boosted upward and certainly love to hear the stories of success in fighting this terrible disease.

Glad you are here.


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Thanks for your message and welcome..from us in OZ. Don't forget to browse the personal pages..lots of info there. Glad to hear yu are NED. We hope you continue to be so.
cheers, Kanga n Jen from "down under"

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Hi and welcome! My story is similar to yours: stage 3 rectal cancer (one affected lymph node), chemoradiation followed by surgery followed by more chemo. Wonderful husband and 2 kids! I'm coming up on my second anniversary. Thanks for your post.

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Congratulations on your survival and NED, those magical letters. Welcome to our board!

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Welcome to the Semi-Colons!

As you have probably seen, it's a great group of informed, upbeat survivors.

Glad you're here and looking fprward to hearing more from you. Your story will and thoughts will, no doubt, inspire many others.

- SpongeBob

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Welcome and just by being here and being willing to talk about your experience and how you are doing is an inspiration. Too many people fail to acknowledge and fight against this illness and let it talk eover their lives. Even more hide from the reality of it leading to delays in diagnosis and facing upp to it. Just by being out there talking about it I think we are all doing an invaluable job.
So welcome and feel free to let us know more about you,

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