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last day of chemo today

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Well i would never think back on that horrible day (july 7, 2004) when my daddy was diagnosed with colon cancer (stage 3 we later learned), that this day would come. Today is his last treatment (12 of 12) and we are all so thrilled. It's been an extremely looooong winter and our family is so looking forward to the spring. I just hope and pray that we never have to deal with this monster again, because honestly I don't know if I can handle it a second round. I truly almost lost it the first time around, even though I never showed it, especially being very strong around Daddy, but again, I truly hope this is the last of it. Now comes pet scans, cat scans, blood work. I'm already getting nervous just thinking about it.

Anyway, I just want to say hi to everyone. I haven't been adding much lately but I do read all the posts every single day and keep you all in my prayers. Please keep Dad in all your prayers for good results with the scans.

I'll "talk" to you all soon.


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Hi Susana,
Congratulations - it's defiantly an accomplishment. I understand how you feel. I must say - A year later and my positive thoughts are now outweighing the negative ones. I was always told that would happen (Lisa) but never believed it. I hope you are finding the same thing.


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I don't know what chemo your Dad was on, but it does not matter. He will start feeling like his old self again soon (physically anyway). I know the mental part is the hardest to cope with for patients and care givers alike!
He will feel so much better now though that it will rub off on all of you. It is quite a relief to have that overwith.
Take care, Susan.

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Susana: I know well the feeling of finishing chemo; not unlike a renewal of your lease..and the timing is perfect, with Spring comes renewal.

"To breathe and know you are alive is wonderful.Because you are alive everything is possible"
Thich Nhat Hanh


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Hi Susana,
Congratulations to you and your dad; what a relief to come this far. I finished my chemo on July 9,'04, just as your dad and you were dealing with initial diagnosis. The whole ordeal feels farther and farther away with each passing month. I now feel physically back to nearly my old (but older) self!
The check ups are a bit nerve wracking, but if you can get through the diagnosis and treatment part, you can do this, too. Wishing dad good luck with his upcoming tests. Judy

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Congats to Dad & all in family: Boy I am happy for you all! It will be a nice spring for no more needles & pokes & tests z(for a while) So go & enjoy the days, I am doing chemo 2nd time in a yr and 3 mo. in already, went by fast but 12mo, wow keep up the faith & God Bless, Do STOP and smell them roses for a change. Happy for ya'll
LOve Amy

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Amazing, and congrats. I have just finished my third of 12, and am hating it so much that I had to join some sort of support. I do not know how your father made it through, but I am so glad for you and him. Best of luck and I hope that hearing about others will give me a bit more stamina.

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