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i am scared

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i received news in the last 12 weeks that the cancer has spread first to my lung and now friday i found out it was on my liver. help i scared

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I dont think we've met before, my name is mark iam a 39 yr old tc2 survivor, i lost righty and did 18 treatments of rad to my lymphnodes. When i got told i had the big C i did my homework,, the net is awsome 4 information, I contacted the Lance Armstrong foundation and they sent me the bullets i needed to fight this thing and win, its up 2 us to be informed so we can make the right choices in or treatment and its our right 2 a 2nd opinion or a 3rd or 4th if need be. This is our life at stake and not to be taken lightly, i went threw all the emotions,lol sometimes all at the same time, its ok to cry and be mad , and scared , being a gulfwar vet and a biker i thought i'd seen it all and nothing could ever shake me, god only knows how wrong i was. On the good side of the coin our recovery is up 2 us, i stayed sidated longer than i should have, i ran a 5k not to long after my rad and got sick , so i hung up my favorite running shoes and put my real reason 4 living on hold. I know now we all have a choice on where we go with this in our lives, its like being on inhouse arrest 4 5 yrs but it dosn't mean it has to be solitary confinement or a death sentence, its realy up 2us. So please choose 2 live a quality life and dont let the curve balls sideline you ,like i did :0[ I was training 4 a local triatholon when i got the news 2yrs ago and not to long ago made the choice 2 live again and train for the same triatholon, i have plenty of time, its not till mid october and am taking it slowly as not to spook myself again.
Please go to www.laf.org and they'll send you all the info and more than you'll ever need.
Take care, god bless and you'll be in my prayers my Brother , together we can do anything.
Yours n The Fight

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Please read my message above


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