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Lost my wife, Feb-10-2005

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My wife, Dana of 24 years passed Thursday Feb-10-2005. We had the service last night and everyone commented on how lovely it was and such a tribute to her memory. Well, come today none of those words from friends and family have much meaning. The hurt and emptiness I am feeling seems to overwhelm me at times. I don’t know how at times I am going to be able to go on without Dana. It’s somewhat strange that now all after the long suffering she went through in the hospital, then the passing, and then the preparations for the service, once it was complete, the phone has stopped ringing, friends have stopped coming by.
Their lives can continued, mine seems unable to go on. The only life rope I have is the love and strength of my two adult daughters and my 16 month old granddaughter. But they are only here some of the time. Dana is gone forever and the house seems so empty at times I want to scream for her. I keep expecting her to call or come home from work at any time and it doesn’t happen.
God give me the strength to get through this please.

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My husband died of brain cancer April 12, 2005. He was the strongest, bravest person I have ever known. I understand your grief because I am feeling the same things you descibed. I also know that he has inspired me through his fight against this horrible disease to go on. He never let his cancer stop him from living. He lost his coordination to the point that he was in a wheelchair, he lost his sight, and he was in such pain at times but he never gave up. I know he would be angry at me if I gave up. Please know that my heart is broken into a million pieces and I feel as though I died with him, but I also get up every day and go on. He was the love of my life and I will always thank god for giving me 9 wonderful years with him. Please know that there are others that know exactly what you are going through. No one can really understand the depth of our sorrow, but we must still live.

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