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Home again

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Thanks to all for the good thoughts. For those of you not familiar with my story here it goes:
Diagnosed in 3/03 with rectal cancer stage 3, (2 out of 12 nodes positive). Pre-op chemo and radiation with surgery on 6/03 with temp. ileostomy. Reversal on 8/03 and then only 4 out of 12 chemo treatments because of diarrhea resulting in hospitalization. Since then I have been living in the loo with mult. BM's, diarrhea and incontinence. My butt was always sore. Surgery on 1/14/04 for permanent colostomy to improve my quality of life. I am now home after returning to the hospital twice for a post op ileus. I have been hospitalized 10 times in the last 19 mos. But, right now I am NED and adjusting to my new body. My family has been great and hubby and I will be going on a cruise in March.
I think of you all often and pray for everyone on this site.

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hey mo,
glad to see you are back in the saddle again, good attitude also. what cruise are you going on?? i have been on 9 so far they are great, very relaxing. hope all atays well.
all the best

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Great Maureen! Doesn't it feel great to get back to your own place? You guys enjoy your cruise--make it a "mini-Colon-Palooza" and show us the pictures!


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Welcome home, Maureen! I am glad it seems to be sorted now and hope from now on, things really improve for you. A cruise next month sounds like just what the doctor ordered.


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I am so glad you're home. I missed you. Glad you're feeling better and things are working right.I know that's no fun. Again, welcome back.
Love, Judy

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ooops surgery was 1/14/05

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Oh Maureen, I am happy that you are finally home!!!! Get yourself good and better this time! I am thinking of you and sending most powerful good health vibes to your door!

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Just in time for the superbowl!!!! Hurray!!

I pray no more complications. Girl, you have had such a rough time.

Count down for the cruise - sounds wonderful. I love looking forward to vacations. Only thing better is going on vacations.

Take care of yourself. HOpe your butt feels great, it should be healing up by now.

Thinking of you always, jana

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Wahooo! Way to go. Glad you are back home.


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Hi Maureen, Great news! I'm glad to hear you are back home and recovering. Those bouts with ileus are nasty.
Continued good wishes for your recovery, Judy

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Hi Maureen,
Glad you are back home. Here's hoping you had your last hospital stay for a llooonnnggg time!

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