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Cancer and the VA

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Was awarded 100% for PC as a result of agent orange and have had RP, chemo and lupron. They will be reducing the disability percentage. Has anyone else experiecned this and can tell me why etc. Thanks

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As long as you are under-going treatment you will get the 100%. Should you go into remission or have the RP as in your case and mine, they will re-evaluate you. The VA will base the new percentage on your incontinence level and the number of pads used per day. You should state that you are using no less than 7. I claim the use of 10 per day. On your way to the C&P drink plenty of water, to the point where you fell you like your bladder is ready to explode. the C&P examiner will ask you to drop you pants and cough and if that results in a squirt of urine you will lowered to 60%. Furthermore, as explained to me by my C&P examiner, because the organ was removed you will remain at 60%. You must request Viagra from your local VA Dr. at your clinic and also request the diapers, at least 2 cases per month. This will ensure that you continue to receive the "loss of use" benefit and back up your incontinence statement.

Hope this helps....Therog

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I have been a temporay 100 percent since Feb 2003. My last treatment, a lupron shot, through a non-VA doctor was suppose to be in July 2005 and this was the information given the VA at my C&P exam in May 2003. My doctor decided to stop the shot 6 month earlier. This was not conveyed to the VA. I have not yet been called in for a reevaluation. The regulations state that there is suppose to be a mandantory examination 6 months after your last treatment. I am way beyond that. How long were you past your last treatment before you were reevaluated? I have filed other claims in the mean time, so it is not like I am hiding from them. I got a 30 percent rating for PTSD and 10 percent for tinnitus. I am pending a decision on lower back problems. By the way, I was also diagnosed with kidney cancer at the same time I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. PSA 19, Gleason 7. Treatments were surgury, radiation, and hormone suppression shots. PSA has been less than 0.1 since surgury in March 2003.

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