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New Chemo Regimen

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So far, so good with my new chemo regimen. I take Oxaliplatin once every 3 weeks and Xeloda daily (7 pills). The pills are really the worse part - it is getting harder every day to down them. But so far no vomiting or diarrhea - some nausea, but manageable. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend another Christmas holiday.

I would like to wish everyone out there all the health and happiness this holiday season. We are a great support group and it would have been difficult for me to have come this far with a positive outlook if it weren't for all of you.

Let's all hang in there and keep fighting and praying for a cure.

Thanks Aspaysia for the info on creating great photo memories to share online. I finally did compile some of my own.


If you check it out though, make sure you correctly type "angelfire" and NOT "anglefire". The result is not a pleasant surprise and certainly NOT my photos. lol

One of my very best friends was just diagnosed with adenoidcystic carcinoma last week. She and I now go to MD Anderson in Houston together for our treatments. Please keep her in your prayers also, for me. Her cancer is very rare and prognosis is poor.

My best to you all.


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I grew to hate those darn pills so much I skipped some of them. Never confessed to my onc. But if this thing ever comes back I will feel responsible and it will serve me right. Do the regimen as ordered. You will never forgive yourself otherwise.
I am going to check out your site next. And since you have peaked my interest I will also be going to the other one. Keep watching the links on my blog for new stuff filed under, what else, The Real Poop.
Take care. I will plant some bulbs for your friend.

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Hiya Kerry. All tha best sweetie from OZ. Don't you make me post you over my secret weapon for downing those pills babe!
(bicycle tyre pump that shhots pills down the throat with a vengance!)
--I try to get "Tessie" my cat to swallow pills and have to pry open her jaw--if she don't bite me first!
Hey--there's a thought--you don't bite , do you Kerry??--mmmmmmm
Now listen to me Kerry--if the doc. says yah gotta swallow--yah gotta--no excuses!
awwwwwww--luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Kerry,
So glad to here that things are underway for you and going OK. I didn't take Xeloda, but the potassium supplements they used at first were huge gritty pills...you'd think the drug companies could come up with better solutions for the pills that really matter!
You and your friend are in my prayers,
Regards, Judy

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Hi Kerry,

I'm so glad that all is well with the oxaliplatin. I'm so sorry for your friend's diagnosis. I'll remember her in my prayers.

I love your pictures. I know how proud you must be of your girls.

Thinking of you,


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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone else experienced vomitting as a side effect to having a colostomy
or rectal surgery.

My mom vomitted 6 times on saturday night (this is the third time this has happened in 8 months)

The doctors say its probably nothing, and all of her scans have been clear, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?


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