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For Jimmy and Jerri

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Hi Jimmy,

I am having trouble emailing you on CSN so I thought I woulde just answer your email here.

From what you shared about Jerri's choices I would highly recommend getting Beating Cancer With Nutrition. Quillin is affiliated with Cancer Centers of America (I think that's the name) and his book will tell you what supplements to take for what cancers and for what chemos. He does not frown on chemo so you will not feel on the defensive if you choose that route and augment with alternatives. But he is an enormous help in navigating through all the confusing info about vitamins and such. Many oncologists will tell you not to take certain anti-oxidents and supplements during treatment, but since he deals with both chemo AND nutrition he is well versed in what can be taken. Oncologists, in my opinion, don't really have a firm grasp on cancer healing nutrition--tho' mine did tell me to drink Green Tea and he said it so cute like he was so proud of himself for knowing that! :-)

He now is dealing with colon cancer himself so I shared my book list with him. He took, his wife bought all the books and he actually read them! I loved him before this but I surely love him for that even more!! :-)

Anyway, I cannot recommend a better book for starting out in your healing. (jerri's). The second highest book choice I think is The Makers Diet. Dr. Rubin healed an "incurable" case of Crohns Disease (intestinal) with this diet and the info he has on intestinal health is some of the very best I have come across in my three years of research.

As for Anne Frahms book--that is an incredible story and testimony. I know a woman personally who followed much what Anne did for her own son who was sent home to die from Mayo (18 months old) and he is still aliove today. She went on to write her own book about their experience, "Your Child Doesn't Have to Die." They put a tube right into the boys stomach and pumped carrot juice and vitamins all day long. He is now about 10 or 11 I think.

I hope this helps.

peace, emily who looks more tan than orange actually tho I have never stepped foot in a tanning booth.

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Thanks Emily. I printed this out along with all the replies from everyone else. It really helps to get the perspective of others who have already lived with this for a while. All of the semi-colons have been very helpful. Thanks again.


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