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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Ahoy, Semi-Colons!

It is my pleasure to cyber-introduce to you my mom (she'll figure out her moniker soon enough - maybe she'll use "GimmeaNameBob")

She's a 4-time winner... but became a semi-colon the second walk down cancer lane. You know what I always say; "Once a semi-colon, ALWAYS a semi-colon (sorta hard to put that piece back, eh?)"

She was a little afraid to join us, but after I showed her some of the recent postings and PROMISED her thta Kanga & Jen would send her rainbows and hugs she agreed to join us!

Welcome, mama-mia!

- SB (as in "Sonny Boy" - and she just reminded me that SB backwards stands for... uh... well, you all figure that one out!)

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Joined: Mar 2004

Sponge Bob you must have a very special mother to put up with a sailor like you!! She is right about the SB in reverse as I should know!! You made a remake about it when I first joined the club. That is the best way to put this mess!!

Welcome Mom!!

We all love you son!!!! He has helped my husband who is also called Sponge Bob and myself through some really rough patches!!!

Kango and Jen are GREAT people also!!!!

Welcome from Bob and Sue -- we use BS 2 ways you can figure it out!

Best Wishes!!

Bob and Sue

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Welcome SB's mama! Well glad to know he really has a mom so maybe you can keep that boy in line, eh? He's a bit of a whipper-snapper around these parts but we love him to pieces!!

I'm sure he has warned you about me.....no more ho-hos and ding-dongs....oh that's for him....I am sure your palate is much more sophisticated....

So come aboard and enjoy the ride cuz your boy makes us laugh silly around here it gets rollicking!!

peace, emily who is only lacking her sigmoid

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Joined: Feb 2004

WOW!!!!! Well hiya Spongers mom!!!!
Welcome to the "semi-colons" We hope Bob has told you about the NED waiting room?
-----"kanga has a vested interest in the leather recliners for all to use"--I get a chance to have you guys sit nexta me n have a chat--lol!
As a parent and overseer of your son's life I guess you are familiar with the term---PITA?
In OZ we call that a "pain in tha arse"--ooops, scusey me french Mrs Spongers mom!
No doubt throughout "young" Bob's life he caused you many difficult moments--of course being a parent to 2 boys, 1 gal , Jen and I know the extreme pressure one's children can impart on us.
Hey Bob?--yu readin this--yu take note how much your mom has suffered--specially now that you have decided to parade in "speedo's"!
shuuuuudddddeeeerrrr tha thought!!!!!!

Going to send over to you a "rainbow" mrs. Sponger.
Close your eyes and follow the colours--I am sure Bob has already told you there is something a bit more special than gold at the end of it!!!
Looking forward to talkin to yah!!!
luv from OZ--and a big huggie from kanga n Jen

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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Now c'mon Sponger, fess up mate!!!Bet you caused your mom all kinds of distress when yu was young!!

Now--I wonder what nick we can come up with for your mom?
Maybe suggestions here would be suitable from tha semi-colon gang?

For Spongers mom; "has Bob always been wet behind the ears??" he he!!!!lol!

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Ya know, thong boy...

Over on this side of the pond we have a saying "Paybacks are a #$%^"...


- SB

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Posts: 253
Joined: Nov 2003

Ahoy, SB's Mum. While all the ostomates pipe you aboard remember that it is not your fault. We know you tried your best. Anyone with a hobby of hot air balooning is incorrigable.
Aspaysia, feels the breeze every time she logs on

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

You know, darlin'...

If you didn't have an ostomy, I might suggest where that breeze was coming from!


- SB

Posts: 758
Joined: Jul 2004

hi momma mia,
welcome to your son's extended family!!!!!
we are here to help in anyway we can. sb and all the other semi-colons are such a great inspiration to me and have helped me so much.
so welcome and post regularly.
all the best
ps hey sponge i figured it out sb-bs lol

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Posts: 1317
Joined: Jan 2003

Welcome Mom! Now maybe we can get some good scoop on Sponger!!! Mom's always love to tell stories.


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Joined: Jan 2004

Welcome Ms. Mom,

I always enjoy reading Bob's responses. He is always ready to give support to others, while never asking for anything in return. You must be very proud of him.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



Anonymous user (not verified)

And a Big, Fat welcome from us too!!!! Sponger may have his moments, but he's a real treasure to me and my no-type husband Bert. I hope you won't be as stubborn has my honey and will tackle the keyboard and communication rather than peak over the shoulder all the time asking questions (that's Bert).

Welcome Sponger's Mama...your words of wisdom will be appreciated.

Monika & Bert

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