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My dear dear friends

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Here in the US, it is our very best time of the year. Thanksgiving to New Years is so wonderful.

You all blew me away with my FYI posting on my recent changes in my lifestyle as I battle "the monster".

I cried with tears of joy as I read how "our" and I mean OUR bracelets are all over the world and you all seem to really understand the strength within them.

And you all have been so wonderful about the "Scout letters". She is fine, and we are really concentrating on making this holiday season the best ever (only to be surpassed by next years'). This year it all means so more then it ever did and I think you all understand that.

Emily, Stacey, Spanky (SB), Kanga, Kerry, Monica, Monika, Jen, Judy, Tara, Bruce, Steve, Kay, Jana, Bud, Sue, Lisa Rose, Barbara, Mark, Brenda, Mike, Susana and all the others my exiting chemo brain forgot.....

Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and remember we are all here for a reason. We just are all trying to figure out what we are going to "be when we grow up". Let God help you along the way.

Love always and thanks to you more then anyone of you will ever know!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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You are so cool...I am proud to say you are my friend.

Have a great Thanksgiving as well...you truly deserve it.


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One of these days I will learn how to spell your name. As an ex-school teacher, I hate to do that. Luckily, you knew I meant you dear!!!!

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Lisa: I will be thanking God (and CSN)this year for all the giving on this site; the people on CSN
have helped me through a year that was Considerably less difficult because of their support. Bud

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Thank you Lisa--we don't have thanksgiving here in OZ but nonetheless you are always in our hearts and minds. Just to be supportive of each other Lisa is something we treasure.
luv n huggs-----"happy thanksgiving"----kanga n Jen

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Lisa, a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Let's take the time to truely be thankful for what we have each and every day.

LIVESTRONG baby. The only way to go!!!! On my tough days, I look down at that little yellow bracelet and think of Lance and all the other wonderful people strickened with cancer. We rise above it. We become knowledgable, and strong. We will overcome and live a loving and fulfilled life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Barb ( who is itchin' to get to that sweet potato pie!)

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Hey Lisa!! and various critters....

Happy Thanksgiving right back at ya!

I too wear my bracelet you sent next to the one I already had. I mean how many folks wear 2?? :-) I am thinking of adding another one to the group --one for each year of survival. Yep I just put it on.

anyway one was from when I bought my son (a cyclist and Lance fan) and me one last June, and then one is from my friend Lisa that reminds me of my friends through the CSN boards and now the third to signify my three years of new life!! THANK YOU!!

Semi-colons rock!! We are NOT a constipated bunch of anal retentives but we let our love pour out on one another. Isn't that what it's all about??


peace, emily who plans on many future yellow arm bangles gracing her wrist!! :-)

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Cool idea Em.

I actually wear a blue one I found. Right next to my Lance one. Unfortunately I know it's a bootleg one. So, I have mixed feeling about it. But, I do get a lot of people asking what it is. Knowledge is power!!! Ask and I'll tell ya!!!

Barb ( looing forward to my 1st year in June!!!)

Anonymous user (not verified)

Lisa, I'm a little late but I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you good wishes and wish nothing but the same and the best back at you. Yes, your bracelets were a hit...a big one. In fact, I've ordered 100 more and plan to donate the proceeds to cancer research in addition to purchase price. Let 2005 be the year for the cure...I don't care which cancer, let's just cure one of them and surely, with the knowledge to cure one, the others will follow lickety-split.

Hugs and Blessings,
Monika and Bert

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