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Heeeelllpppp~~~~ Mouth Sores!

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Hey All~ Last week was my first of 4 rounds of chemo. I hated it. But it is done and only three more to go. I am now being hit with all the side effects this week. My mouth sores are horrible. One day I woke up with lips so big I could compete with Angelie Jolie. (I did ask my onc nurse since they did so well with the lips can they do something about my boobs now.)

I tried to ward the sores off with salt water rinses and the dr gave me some Gelclair which is supposed to coat the sores or something. I am not convinced it works all that great and therefore not really worth the $$$

Does anyone have any helpful tips or hints to help ward off, lessen, stop the mouth sores from chemo??

Appreciate it!


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Hi MJ,

I finished 12 rounds of chemo a few months ago and I never did have the mouth sores. However, whenever I would get the 5FU "push", they would have me keep my mouth full of water because that is supposed to prevent mouth sores from occuring.

The 5FU "push" sounds like some kind of new dance craze. Ha! Didn't know it's technical term or maybe chemo brain has caused me to forget it!

Good Luck,


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MJ: They may have something new now, but this is what they gave me four years ago:

OraKote-oral mucositis/stomatitis rinse/Carrington Labs 1800-358-5205

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (Rx) mouth rinse.

Also, word search "Mouth Sores" on this site..you will find MANY previous posts on Mouth Sores..

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MJ -

A quick recap on mouth sores:

1. Chew ice when they push your 5FU bolus, it will constrict the blood vessels in your mouth and reduce the occurrence of the sores.

2. Try the perscription things listed here to treat th sores you have

3. I used Zilactin Oral Swabs (over the counter). They contain Benzocaine and an antiseptic to numb the sores and treat them.

Good luck...

- SpongeBob

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Hi MJ,
Nanuk's suggestion is great; this topic comes up periodically, and what works for some doesn't help everyone. My onc prescribed "supermouthwash", which was supposed to be a "swish and swallow" prep. I found it helpful to "swish and spit" instead.
I also had very painful cracks in the corners of my mouth that bled everytime I opened my mouth! This was finally diagnosed by a dermatologist friend as a super-imposed fungal infection...cleared up after 2 days of the correct ointment after a few agonizing weeks.
And drink, drink, drink, plenty of water before, after and during the chemo. I used to add a little vanilla cream soda or ginger ale just to give the flat water a little taste.
Hope you find something that works! Hang in there, Judy

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Dear MJay,
I had the 5FU push and was told to suck on ice the whole time. I had no mouth sores (however, I got sores on my scalp...???...presumably punishment by the cancer for tricking it!)
Hang in there.

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