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fleet "clean out" thank you...

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Hi semi-colons,

I want to thank whoever is the one who recommended drinking the fleet phospho-soda through a straw! It works!!

I put the stuff in apple cider and am drinking it through a straw and it's the first time in three years that my puke mechanism was not triggered.

THANK YOU for you wonderful advice!!! Whoever you are....

Colonoscopy is tomorrow morning.....oh joy.

peace, emily who is on her way.....to squeaky clean

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I assume that's the ORGANIC Fleets you're drinking, eh?

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Hi Em,
Boy, you are getting an early start on "clean out"! Isn't it a relief to find something that works? My puke mechanism gets triggered by both the phospho soda (even the pina coloda stuff we had specially compounded) and the Nulitely. This time I went back to "good"??? old fashioned citrate of magnesia, and drank that through a straw, which helped a lot.
My doc said they don't usually recommend the citrate because it's too mild...ha! tell that to MY gut. Worked like a charm; now at least dreading that part of the test is under control.
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. The Versad works so well for me, I remember little of anything for hours after it went into my veins.
Keep us posted, Judy

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I can't imagine why you would need a clean out..your
colon is probably squeaky clean from all the d-tox you do... Bud

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Hello Emily, so glad that worked for you. Didn't know if anyone had ever heard about using a straw. It really worked for me because when I had my first colonoscopy I didn't think the test was as bad as I had always heard but that was because I used the straw. If I hadn't I am right there with you regarding my puke mechanism, it would have been working overtime! So, whenever I hear someone going for a test that requires drinking something, I suggest to use the straw. Good luck tomorrow the worst is behind you!! :)

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So YOU'RE the one!!!

Thank you! It really made it so much easier. And putting it in apple cider was key. Never will I do it any differently again....hope all is clean! If you know what I mean!

peace, emily whose hinder is so sore....wah wah

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Whaaa--timelines--now if this only gets on here in time for you to see Em.
I am going to get all gooey n sympathetic here Emily 'cos after 5 times drinkin that crap I am starting to feel like my rear end is like the opening of a straw. And how all you guys can joke about poor Emily's current goooey situation I think is totally appalling. I mean, really--she now has to suffer the emotional crisis of possibly waking(albiet somewhat in lack of some of her lucidity) to the possible view of her organic functions----errrr--shudder tha thought.
Em--I for one dread the next indulgence of colightly(ozzie brand)--I'm gunna ask for a "wiskey chaser"
The rest of you guys--aww-have a heart!--lol
----all tha best Emily----
luv n huggs kanga n Jen

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Emily, thanks for repeating the advise!! I am scheduled for a phopho-soda clean out in Jan... and am dreading the "clean out" portion of it. Any and all tips are gladly welcome!!! jana

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hey I cannot believe I am going to say this but it wasn't too bad...at least not as bad as before. I still would get the shudders every so often and my stomach would get quesy but all in all not as bad.

Funny thing tho...I also drank Smooth Move herbal tea and so today at the colonoscopy the doc said I had a colored colon (he had a term for it but it alludes me--you might know) and it helped to show any polyps. They stuck out like a sore thumb. Two were removed and I find out next week?

CT scan on Monday. fingers crossed.

peace, emily who loves the versad. :-)

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hey babes....I really feel for you. Just been there, done that a few days ago myself, if memory serves me correctly. All's well, yipeeeeee!!!!Let us know the results, okay


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