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If I can do it...so can you.

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In keeping with the uplifting spirit of this board I would like to post some good news about moi. I passed my last set of tests with flying colours. Ct scan and labs. Even had my first colonoscopy, ever! It was fun. They get you high and then you watch a monitor while they surf your entrails. In my case, clean as a whistle. Whew!

Not to get too puffy about things I am now 24 months out from my last surgery - the onc says to count from then. He also said I need to stay free of mutant cellular activity for seven years. Not five. Seven. Thanks Doc. I also caught a cold waiting to see you in your clinic. Some******** was coughing all over the patients. Not a kleenex in sight. Well, I am pretty lucky to have nothing more to complain about than a little sniffle. It is very humbling, indeed.

I was afraid to update my bio the first time I got a clean bill of health six months ago. The jinx thing. I just appended the profile and added some fun sites to visit.

Aspaysia - trying to think happy thoughts.

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My gosh, it is good to finally hear from you after all this time. Glad to know you are doing well and tests are coming back great. Aren't they fun??



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CONGRATULATION!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Keep up the gooooooood work!!!!! Sue

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Lisa Rose
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Congratulations Aspaysia on a great check up, it's always wonderful to hear positive news...I was just looking at the pictures of your English Garden nice work , I also like to garden. Here in Eastern Canada we had our first snowstorm lastnight so that's it till spring...


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Welcome back! We missed you! Congrats on your most excellent test results. See, studying pays-off, doesn't it?

Thanks also for your unique descrition of a colonoscopy as only you could provide "They get you high and then you watch a monitor while they surf your entrails..."

What is up with the new time tables? Not that they really matter - my mom was just Dx-ed with bladder cancer after being "clean" for 7 years.

Now here's the problem: Didn't your onc say you need to stay clear of mutant cellular activity for 7 years? So what ar you doing here at the Semi-Colon site? We're about as mutant as cellular activity gets!

Glad to have you back and congrats on being clean as a whistle for your colonoscopy (actually, I believe that's why they make us drink that prep - so we'll be "clean"... and the thouht of putting something in my mouth that wasn't clean as a wistle is just rather... eeeeew!)

- Sponge

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well stranger!!! Good to see you again. as usual you gave me a good laugh. :-) You are MISSED around here ya know.

Congrats on the good news. I know what you mean about the good drugs.....

will check out your site.....

I go for entrail surfing tomorrow. fun fun!

peace, emily who is sucking down fleet phospho as we speak

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What wonderful news. Hoorah -- and thanks for letting us know.

My onc also told me that, as science/medicine gets better, that 'five year" milestone may get extended. Talk about mixed blessings. But, since I was told that, for my particular condition, more than 80% of all recurrences occur within the first 2 years, I am planning on making that a "major milestone". That's you!!! 24 mos!!!


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So good to hear from you. Last I knew, you were battling heat, humidity and chiggers. The garden is beautiful; I love the picture of you lost in the cosmos (figuratively, of course).
If I could even figure out how to dump my photos on to the computer, let alone to a web site, I would share my garden pics, too. It seems that my garden thrived on neglect this summer, and gave me many moments of inordinate joy for little effort.
We outside of Boston had 6 INCHES of snow Friday night...the last of my asters (great plant for a semi-colon, eh?) are still peeking out from the snow clumps.

GREAT news on the 2 year mark. I'm a year behind you; hope to follow your example. Judy

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Hi Aspaysia,
Congrats on the two years , i well know the feeling of peering at that monitor to the accompaniment of "Oh , awake are we?" Just last week I watched as a metal lizard crept out of its hole and ate another polyp out of my colon, benign again thankfully. I hate it when they change the rules midgame, i was given the 5 yr all clear ,fortunately my 7 yrs is up in Jan so not long to wait,wonder what the next change will be ? Good luck ,keep up the good work and we can talk about it again in 5 yrs ,Best wishes Ron.

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Hey Asp---"where yah been????"
Awwww--it's ok--I'll forgive yah. Great to hear the good news--there is no substitude for a reason to celerbrate!!!!
Havn't given you a hugg for ages so here it comes--(((((((Aspaysia))))))))
luv Kanga n Jen

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Awesome news!!!! Yes, the 2 year mark is a biggie! We all need good news, thanks for sharing yours with us! jana

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