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Agaricus - new sufferer seeks advice

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My friend has just been diagnosed with Kidney cancer. It seems it has taken 5 months to reach this diagnosis and they are taking one kidney out in three - four weeks time. The earliest date available on our British National Health system.

They could go private for the cost of $8,000 dollars and get it done two weeks earlier.

My Japanese wife is very keen on Agaricus which improves the immune system. (It certainly worked on our cat with breast cancer, it four times longer than expected and only died three weeks after we ran out of the tablets).

Agaricus is expensive - has anyone any comments?

This cancer was only diagnosed this week and I am trying to get my friends to use the internet and groups like this one.

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Joined: Nov 2004

Hello Julian, I already wrote you but I must have press something wrong because it did not show the answer so I am writing You again hopefully my message will reach you this time.
Sorry about your friend. I am 36years old and I am Italian my husband is British. We live in Colorado USA and about 4 months ago I was diagnosed with RCC. About 3 months I had Cryosurgery wich is a laparoscopic surgery in wich they introduce a probe and freeze the Tumor in the Kidney. It costs the insurance about 20,000 USD but my quota was much less. I had my first after surgery CAT scan today and seems like they managed to stop the b lood supply to the tumor... it's basically dying.
Tell your Friend to look into that. Hope it helps!
Will be praying for Her/Him.
God Bless

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