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Well, as I promised I said that I would let you guys all know how we made out Wed. at the Dr. Well, I am sorry to say it isn't good. I hate to keep posting bad news but I was told to post no matter what! Well, here goes. Bob isn't doing well at all. He is losing weight fast!!! He is the same as far as the scale is but it is all fluid in him belly. In the last week he has gone from looking 3 months pregnant to looking 8 months. He is very unconfortable. The Dr. wanted to start him on constant pain med using a patch but Bob refused. He said that he would continue his pain control the way things are now. He is very weak and not wanting to eat. He is sleeping most of the day now. Bob asked the Dr. about finding any place that could do anything in the experimental phase. His Dr. said that he wasn't sure do to him being in such poor shape. He said that he was waiting to hear from the center in New Brunswick,NJ and he is going to call the center in Illionis. I is GREAT that his Dr. isn't giving up on him but he is also being very honest with Bob about his chances of qualifing. He is still working on Bob's meds for Depression. I brought this up to him a month ago and so far everything we have tried as far as meds go to improve his emotions haven't worked. Bob has been on Antidepressants since Nov. last year. They were doing the treak until about 1 1/2 months ago. They also did a liver test to see how much of his liver is still working or what might be going on there and I got the results but his Dr. is off today and his Asst. was at lunch and I had to get back to work, so I have this piece of paper and don't know what the H----is means!!!! I will put a call into his Dr. tomorrow to get it explained.

The nurses new something was up when he went into the office and he didn't give them a hard time as trying to make them laugh. They couldn't believe how fast he went down hill in a week.

I am not giving up on him but my hope level is very low right now. He is doing so poorly and everything we try doesn't seem to help.

I am afraid that I am losing him!!!!! Can anyone try to explain to me what is happening to my best friend?

I'm sorry that I couldn't give you better news!!!! But you guys told me to post no matter what!!!!

Please pray for Bob and give me the strength to get through this no matter what things turn out to be!!!!

Best Wishes to everyone and THANK YOU for being there for us!!!!

Love to ALL!!!!



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    We hold you and Bob in our prayers. I know that these are tough times for you both, but keep fighting and keep us posted as to Bob's progress.

    Bless you both,

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    You and Bob remain in my thoughts and prayers. I can't believe how strong you are... Bob is lucky to have you.

    Stay strong for each other... and please continue to post (if it helps you), but do let us know how you are doing.

    Sending hugs and caring your direction. jana
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    I am so sorry Bob is doing poorly.

    HAve the doctors suggested putting in a shunt to deal with the fluid build-up? Otherswise shouldn't they be drawing the fluid out with a needle? I know this is what they did with my sister. First they used the needle and then they installed a shunt. Unfortunately the surgeon nicked her intestine during the operation and that became a very serious issue. But I know exactly what you mean about the belly filling up with fluid and looking pregnant.

    You both are in my prayers. At this point will he be able to travel to Illinois? What do the docs say at Cancer Center of America?

    My heart goes out to you both.

    peace, emily
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    Bob & Sue -

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, guys.

    - Sponge
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    spongebob said:

    Bob & Sue -

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, guys.

    - Sponge

    Bob and Sue--you are both very special to us.
    Our love and prayers are with you both always, kanga and Jen.
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    Not a lot that can be said to ease your troubles at the moment except we are all there for and thinking of you both. Try to find things yoou can enjoy together and do anything that gives the two of you pleasure in these times.
    Let us know how things progress,
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    You and Bob are both in my prayers. Keep the faith and help Bob to keep fighting this beast.

    Best Wishes,
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    Sue & Bob, you are both in our prayers.

    Linda (Baltimore)
  • cheer3
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    Sue and Bob,

    I am so sorry for your pain. You are in my prayers as well as The Prayer Room at my church.
  • Moesimo
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    I will keep you and Bob in my prayers. I would give you a hug if I could. Hang in there. You are doing such a good job taking care of your husband. Make sure you take care of yourself also.
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    Sending prayers and energy to both of you.. Bud
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    I am so sorry for what you and Bob are going through. I will hold you in my prayers.

    Bob may want to reconsider the pain med patch. It can control pain fairly well and may be less likely to cause sleepiness. I don't know if he's sleeping a lot because of depression, disease progress or pain meds, but if it's the pain meds perhaps the patch could help.
  • Kanort
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    Bob and Sue,

    You both remain in my prayers and thoughts.
    You are not alone.