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another pulmonary nodule

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Hello to all. I just found out today that I have another pulm nodule. It is VERY small. It can be seen on the CT scan last June, and hasn't grown at all. Last June the report stated no nodules/NED. (It is so small the radiologist didn't even notice it) This scan reports a nodule, as seen in June's CT without any growth. Impression: No metastatic disease. I just finished chemo (over the last 4 months) so I'm afraid it didn't grow because I was on chemo.

I JUST HAD A THORACOTOMY done in May because of a single lung met (nodule) that was found and grew slightly. So I had it cut out and the pathology showed it was a met.

I am scared to go through this again!!!! Now I have to wait 4 months until the next CT to see if this buggar/nodule grows. AGH!!!!

I just wanted the scan to be perfect - that's all. So, my waiting game continues. CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening. jana

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Indeed cancer does suck and so does all the waiting around for results and tests. My wife and I find that aspect one of the hardest of all. The unknown is daunting and we all know how your thoughts can run away with you during these periods. Undoubtably you have all sorts of permutations and possibilities going around and around your mind at present-most of them the owrst case scenarios. Try and keep them balanced though with the positive possibilities- it may not be a met (nodules are often seen post op and post chemo from reactions of the the tissue to the other treatments) and even if it is a met it is small and not growing so may well be very treatable.
It is hard to keep or minds under some control but all those thoughts of possible outcomes to this can drive you mad if you let them have free reign.
Will be thnking of you and keep those postive thoughts going!

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Jana -

Wouldn't a PET scan give you an immediate indication if the nodule was (a) alive and (b) truly cancerous? You know, that whole notion of "Let's wait a few months and see if it grows" theory has always bothered me. I prefer the "Let's et that bugger out of you and if it is cancer then good for us that we got it out quickly and if it isn't cancer then good for us that it isn't cancerous mindset.

Anyway, I know how you feel right now. Cancer does suck. I would say it "sucks ***" but that's probably inappropriate - especially on the colon cancer site!

Keeping you in my prayers, buddy!

- SpongeBob

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I agree with SpongeBob...a PET would put your mind at rest instead of expecting you to wait for four months. Three months ago, my husband had a CT scan post treatment and it showed two "nodules in the liver, probable mets" Of course we feared the worst and had to travel to Miami for a PET which showed it was nothing. All that worry for nothing but when you get a reading like that, what are you supposed to think??

The waiting is the worst! Hoping for the best for you.

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yea, if a PET scan could pick it up - it would be useful.... however; PET scans can't see anything less than about 8mm or so.

My last nodule was about 4-5mm and the PET was negative. This nodule is 2-3mm, but it is there. And unfortunately - I know too much. I am a very healthy young nonsmoker, who has little reason for a nodule, other than a history of cancer. Well, I do live in Houston x3.5years. The pollution here is out of control.. hmmmm

My last met/thoracotomy was on the right lung. This is in the left lung. The only radiation was in my ***. (rectal cancer).

So you see - I am short on alternative options.
My husband is convinced it is nothing. I just hope he's right. Thank you for your advice. Steve, I know I can't let myself get bogged down with this....... it just sucks *** (thanks spongebob - much more descriptive)!


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I have to agree with you that cancer sucks and knowing too much also makes you think the worse. This is such a terrible disease. I share your concern and hope that it does't end up being a cancerous nodule. I know that the hard part will be waiting. I will pray for you that you will hear good news on your next CT.

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As I understand it, PET cannot see much below 5mm, therefore it probably wouldn't see the nodule..there is an alternative, depending upon the location (s)
of the nodule; it is targeted radiation-(IMRT) and it is done at CTRC in San Antonio. I had it done
last August. Contact Dr. Martin Fuss-(210) 616-5648/5894. Bud

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Jana--it scares the hell out of me every time my bloods are done and I am sent for an ultrasound--abdominal, but mainly to check my liver. I get a bit concerned that I don't have other checks ie; Ct's or Pet's--I don't know why but figure the cost has something to do with it. I get concerned that something may be there but won't show because it may be too small to see in an ultrasound. Struth---this horrid thing is nothing but worry-----always waiting with you Jana. Luv, kanga n Jen

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thanks to you all.. I needed it!
love, jana

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Hi Jana,

Sorry for the delay in my post. I hate that you are having to deal with another obstacle. I, too, had a nodule. My oncologist had a biopsy done of it and it was not cancer. The biopsy was terrible, but what a relief to find out it was negative. Is a biopsy not a possiblity?

Thinking of you,


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