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ALL---59 years Old

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Looking for those of you diagnosed with ALL at an older age. It seems to me that a lot of you out there were diagnosed at a younger age, however It my be that just young people are doing intrnet support. My father was daignosed with ALL this week. He is 59 years old. He is currently doing his first round of Chemo. Looking for support. Can you help? What was your expereince like? Any advice? Thanks so much and I am praying for each and every one of us.

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I didn't originally click the reply button but wrote a new message so I'm not sure if my letter has reached you. Please advise.

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I was 57 years old when diagnosed with ALL. I assume by this date your dad is in remission and the leukemia is being kept at bay. I went through approximately 9 months of chemotheraphy of various types which almost killed me. I feel fortunate to remain in remission and am on an oral regimen of mercaptopurine and methotrexate. I have good days and bad days, emotionally and physically, yet I try and remain positive in my outlook and future. Like my doctor told me when beginning induction theraphy, "Take each day, one day at a time." I also found that faith in a Higher Power has given me the strength to endure this ordeal, along with family support. If I can any specific questions please email me.

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