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Ahoy, Semi-Colons -

Greetings (slightly belated) from Belize (look between Mexico and Guatemala).

We pulled in here for a few days - although we spent most of it watching Hurricane Ivan smash into our homeport of Pascagoula, Mississippi. I live over near Biloxi, so I didn't get too much damage (so the neighbors say), but some of our guys got it bad - the ones who live east of Mobile and a couple live in Pensacola, Florida.

We're zooming (as fast as this old ship can "zoom") up to the Mobile area to help out with post-Ivan recovery operations right now.

Sorry I was imcommunicado for a spell there last week - I was bouncing around about 150 miles from Ivan - didn't make for very good typing conditions - Grandma47, you want to talk about a roller-coaster! Try three days in 15-18 foot seas on this little ship! It felt like a loooooong ride on the Bull at Gilleys!

Good weather now. Gotta go.

Best wishes to all.

- SpongeBob

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Hello There!! Glad to hear that you made it through the storm ok!!!!! A good friend of ours works on a barge running fuel up the east coast back and forth for 3 weeks at a clip. We have been worried about you guys that work on the water!!! So relieved that all is well!!!! Best of luck upon reaching home port!!!! Prayers are with all of you guys!!!!

Bob and I went to the Dr's Friday and bad news. No drugs left to try and nothing available in clinical trials. They want us to go and see a Dr. Meropol at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Phila. PA. hoping that they can offer something in the experimental phase. They faxed his records on Friday for the Dr. to review and hopefully we will get the green light to go down and see him. Hopefully we will hear on Monday!!!

Again, stay SAFE!!

Thanks for all the support!!!

Sue and Bob.

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Hey there Bob & Sue...

I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you will have some good fortune at Fox Chase. I believe that we're all led to the challenges of our lives for a reason - either for our own learning and growth or that of another. I have no doubt you are touching many lives.

Keep up the great attitude and push on. You attitude is your best weapon (along with some of Em's blueberry smoothies)

Keeping you both near in my thoughts and prayers.

- Sponge

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gee, you coasties really get around; we (CAP) just got through ferrrying your counterparts up and down the coast of Alaska; like the Navy and the Marines, we are your airborne bus drivers..you gotta have some kind of intestinal constitution to withstand those kind of seas. I usually puke at 6ft.. Bud

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Hi Bob,

We were glad to hear from you. I understand that Belize is beautiful place, but I guess you couldn't enjoy the scenery much with all that bouncing around.

I know the Mobile area folks will appreciate your help.

Take care,


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Hey Bob...

Man, you're encountering some serious weather! And I thought the waves on Lake Michigan were challenging this weekend...am I a wimp or what?!?!?

Take care,


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