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update on Ben ... isnt good news

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I havent posted alot lately cause Ben and me both have been going threw some pretty ruff times. Ben with his surgery in May but him not being able to seem to heal and me with my 2 spine surgeries in aug.. so its really been crazy here.
Ben returned to hopkins today to see Dr Singh that was the plastic surgeon during his 13 hour sugery on May 5... Ben incisions (2 of them) arent healing. Today Dr Singh reopen him from belly button to groin and inside of it he found bowel movement. he is referring Ben back over to Dr Gearhart for a possible recurrance. i will let you guys know when Ben surgery is and what will be happen with that.. I ask at this time for prayers as Both Ben and me arent in the best of health

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Hi Teresa,

I am sorry to hear that the two of you have had to go through SO much, with no obvious end in sight. I will keep you and him in my thoughts and prayers. Take each day as it comes, and before long, you will have progressed so well, that these dark times will soon be only memories in the past.

All my best,


Anonymous user (not verified)

You and Ben have certainly been through a lot and are both probably wondering how much more you can take. Keep in mind, as hard as it may seem, that HE never gives you more than you can take. I keep telling myself that because I'm dealing with two family members affected by cancer, mom and husband, and it does give me some comfort. Aside from this, I will keep you both in my prayers for a speedy recovering and brighter days ahead.

All my best,

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Oh so sorry to hear the news. I have been thinking about you and how youre both doing. I haven't kept up online either much as Lincoln is only 3 weeks out of his surgery. I will keep you in our prayers. And like monika said, He doesn't give us more than we can handle... I keep telling people God thinks I am really something!!! Cause I'd never believe I could deal with all of this. Please keep us posted as you can. I do hope for speedy recoveries for both of you.
Much love....
Sally Jo

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Hey Teresa,

Sorry to hear the news, Keep positive and I will put you guys both in my prayers and I hope that you both recover quickly :)
Keep us posted

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You are both in my prayers. What a tough time for you both; hang in there. Judy

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Dear Teresa,

Both you and Ben will be in my thoughts and heart. I hope things will start turning around. Sometimes, you got to hit rock bottom... But then there is nowhere to go but up. I'll be hoping for both of you and remember how many prayers are being sent your way.

Lots of love,

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I'm so sorry that Ben is having problems and you've been through surgery too. It takes a lot to stay strong, I know. I've been through so much too. But, I'm still here and fighting and that's what you both have to do. You have to get your mind set on that whatever it takes to get well, that you'll do it. I know...it's very hard. I will be praying for you both every day, just as I do everyone on this site. I love you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Teresa and Ben---true love is being able to fight together no matter what!!!!!!
If your love for each other is as great as ours then you will surely come thru this.
We send our love--thinkin of you guys!!!
huggs--kanga n Jen

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