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Anyone take these shots for raising your white counts? Looks like that is my next thing if my counts are still down on Monday.

Anyone have good or bad stories about it?

Thanks all.

Have a great night and wonderful weekend.


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Ahoy, Barb -

They just transfused me. I hear the shots burn like fire - so what else is new, an uncomfortable shot.

Hey, you have a great weekend and enjoy a nice coffee for me - I love Sumatra. The one or two cups a month that I allow myself are Sumatra - good and thick!

- Sponge

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My Whites were too high. I had no red, so I got IV iron. IV is better than shots if you ask me. It takes a LOT longer though. Each treatment lasted at least 6 hours. Shots are faster. But I guess I'm off topic anyway. Sorry. Good luck. Tell us how it goes.

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Dear Barb,

I have really struggled with my white counts and I have been on Neupogen or GCSF for quite awhile (since last January). I give the shots to myself everyday for 5 days. I usually choose to poke myself in the stomach. It burns going in a teeny weeny little bit but I have a trick! I usually save the shot till one of my favorite shows start or I'm going out so then I do it quickly and before I know it it's over and I'm onto much better things. The only side effect I have experienced is bone pain. And I only notice the pain when I'm at rest (which, is like, never) and I'll pop some aspirin.

Lots of luck and love and let us know how it goes,

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Hi Barb,

Yes, I took the shots for five days whenever my white blood count would get low.

It was until after my seventh treatment with Folfox that my counts were affected. My infusion nurse was very cautious and would give me masks to wear in public places. I choose not to go out much until they built back up which usually occured quite quickly. I never was bothered with bone pain, but I know of others who were.

Wishing you well.


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I am currently taking the shots, and yes I do experience bone joint pain.  But I take a pain pill and it makes pain bearable.   The actual shot only stings for a few minutes.  But I think it is worth it.  I hope this helps.

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I thought this was about the NSAID that Jimmy Connors used to do ads for. Looks like spell-check may have mangled the name of the drug.

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This thread is 13 years old, and I only know Spongebob, who posts occasionally. 

Best to start a new thread. 

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