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basal cell carcinoma

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I have recently found out i have this type of cancer,I am not real sure what to think about it,Do i actually have cancer,or is this something that just gets cut out and goes away?I am haveing alot of stomach problems now,they are going to see if its a ulcher,could this type of cancer spread to the stomach? Am i being naive when i tell peolpe ohh i just have skin cancer,its not a big deal they cut it out and i go on my marry way?

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Hi Still Crazy! Well, I thought that I "just had a little skin cancer" in 2003. I had the MOH's surgery and a skin grafting, and thanked God that I didn't loose my eye (or nose). All has healed amazingly well and most people do not notice.

As the years go by, you think, whew......close call.......and think that was it.

I continue to see my dermatologist every 3-4 months.....and low and behold.......I've another basal cell on the side of my nose, discovered this week. My MOH's surgery is set up for the 27th of March to be followed immediately with the plastic surgeon.

So in answer to your question - Don't be complacent and think it's nothing. Follow up on all doctor's appointments.

I think we need to be aware of any changes on our bodies. So yes, it's going to be a lifetime thing.....at least being aware.

As far as your stomach, I think that you are suffering from anxiety, stress and fear of the unknown. It's so scary, I know.

Don't shrug this off as "nothing". We are so lucky that it has been caught and is not a more serious type of cancer.

Be well!

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thanks soldiersgirl for those words of advice for the other person.
i was diagnosed with basal by my primary and then by my dermatologist, who on may 12th removed it and the biopsy showed malignant.
at first i was shocked about the biopsy results, then went into denial, even asking my wife whether i should call myself a cancer survivor, because basal is so easily removed unlike other forms of cancer.
but i do realize it is dangerous to underestimate what happened and what could happen

tom in arizona

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