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Thank You !!

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Hello everyone!!! Things today are the same except for we will be going awaytomorrow. Some of Bob's friends called wanted to know when he would be arriving at the show and he said sometime in the morning. I was so happy to hear those words. I am hoping that getting away for a few days seeing his friends for the next 4 days will help him. He has a couple of his friends that he will see going through the same thing that he is so I think it would be good for him to talk to them. I have tried to get him to go to a support group but he will not but he does talk to the people he has meet while doing treatments. I helped Bob finiah getting the Scout ready. I am no mechanic!! I hope I put the pieces together right as I will be driving it solo as Bob will be driving the 65 Jeep. I will let everyone know how he is doing when we get back!!! WE ARE NOT GIVING UP!!!!!! Thank You all again for your replies!! Best Wishes and Prayers to all of you!!! Sue

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