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Need some advice

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My mom was dx with cancer on Jan 6 2004 they are unsure where it started but by the time they found it she had it in her bone, liver, kidney , lung and it spread from there. She died on June 10,2004. I went to the doc on aug 18 I was having alot of pain in my abdomen and the doc said I had a ruptured ovarian cyst she did a pap and it came back abnormal. I have never had a abnormal pap she sent me for a colposcopy and a biopsey yesterday now I have to wait for the results. I am really scared am I over reacting. I have heard it is nothing to be worried about but this is from family members I dont know what to think I know I am scared. I dont know what to do if it comes back as cancer. Has anyone gone thru this before? and advice. besides think positive. that is all I have heard from my family. and I am overreacting. Thanks for any advice

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Have no technical info for you, but fear is worst than the facts in most cases, whether medical or other things. I am a cancer survivor since 11/03 and know that waiting is the pits. I'd advise you log into the CSN chat room when there are several folks there and ask them. It is noted at bottom of your CSN start page and there are 2 "rroms" but most folks are in Chat 1. The response will be instant, but they may not know. Sometimes they can put you in contact with another CSN member who has had your experience. Hope this helps a little.

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This sucks so bad. Stay strong. Prayer and thoughts go out to you...no advice...cheesecake helped me tonight with my trouble but do what can make you happy...relax...know that you can deal with any bad news but worrying can't do anything.
Cry if you need, yell if you need, give yourself a BREAK

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