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back pain?

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Hi everyone,
It's 7 weeks since my mom's operation. She started 'clean up' chemo last monday. She has had some back pain in the past couple days. She explains it has a lower back hollow feeling. She's thinking it could be from sitting for a long time, surgery, or the epidural from the opertaion.

Did any of you have back pain? Her diagnoses makes me panic over every feeling she has.


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Hi Julie -
My mom had a lot of back pain around that time as well - to be a little graphic - she was pushing a lot when she went to the bathroom b/c she felt constipated. Her surgeon mentioned that it probably resulted from a combination of that pushing and the surgery healing. Her back pain was so bad that for awhile she just wanted to lie on her stomach. This lasted about two weeks & then went away.

Don't worry, she will feel better soon,

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I don't mean to contradict my friend vanser, but my opinion is that pain means something isn't right. I'm not saying get all freaky over it, but it is worth a call to the onc just to discuss possible causes and to make him/her aware.

Just my two penny's worth.

And, BTW, it's gonna be like this - worried at every hangnail - from now on. That's OK, though. It's part of the deal. It helps with good surveillance. Don't be ashamed to check with the doc.

- SpongeBob

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Hiya Julie--the craziest thing about cancer and it's treatment is that everyone gets affected in different ways--even on the same treatment.In my clinic there were so many that had the same treatment as me and they all, almost without exception had different side effects.The safest way to approach any problems no matter how small is to talk to her onc. Give our luv and huggs to Mary, Julie.
Hang in there babe--unfortunately worrying comes with the territory.
kanga n Jen

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Hi Julie,

Im sorry to hear your mother's back pain. I can most definitely relate. Did or does your mother have a PET scan prior to starting chemo. I have back pain for about 6 months before my diagnosis. Long story short, they did a PET scan prior to my starting my clean up chemo. The scan showed mild arthritis and bone spurs. My onc prescribed Celebrex (which btw has proved to be advantage in the recurrance of colon cancer). So perhaps that might be something to discuss with the doc. If it is arthritis the Celebrex really works - I am painfree (well, Marionol helps that along a bit I think:o) ) and it has a beneficial side effect.

Some food for thought,

Hope your mom feels better soon.


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