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I had my colonoscopy this a,m,

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Hi All,
I had my colonoscopy today...First thing I want to mention is that I do not want to see a bottle of "fleet" for a while, that's stuff is so discuting, the taste is one of the most discisting things I have ever tasted, but that aside I got good results, they didn't find any polypes, so to me that's amazing news as my dad is stage III and like you all told me I should get checked even if I am only 29. So thank you all for the advice. Even though the test wasn't pleasant it's worth it. They said they will do another one in 5 years, does that make sence? The doctor said that it takes around 5 years for a polype to develop.

Thanks for all your help, your prayers and your positive attitude. You all are helping so much with my dad.

Have a good day.

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Hi Julie. Congrats on the good news. I am not going to give any medical advice. I will tell you what happened to me and you can take it from there.

3 years ago I had my first colonoscopy at age 39. All was clear. My father had colon cancer 7 years prior and is fine today.

Come 3 years later ( March 2004) it is time for my 3 year repeat. My doc says 3 years for a family history. Well, there was a (excuse the pun) a big *** tumor in my rectum. I was experiencing some symptoms ( gas, slight blood, frequent bms), but really no clue that anything was wrong.

I will be having yearly colonoscopys for the rest of my life.

The doc didn't miss the tumor, it grew quite fast. The doctor ( very reputable ) was even surprised at how fast it grew.Fast forward to today. Six week chem and radiation, surgery to remove almost all of my rectum and now I'm on a 6 month tour of duty with more chemo.

So, not to scare you, but I would at least do one every 3 years. It's totally up to you, but I wouldn't wish this crap on anyone.

Best of luck to you and your dad.

Hope I wasn't too depressing. ( I'm not feeling so great today)


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with a family history of colon cancer,you should not wait 5 yrs.for your colonoscopy.i would insist on at least every 3 yrs.and would try to make it every 2 yrs.early detection is the key.

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Hiya Julie--first of all, give our best to your dad. Great to hear yu are clear but I agree with Lawleete and Barb--bugger the doctors opinion--for my 2 cents worth--do it at least every 3 years--in fact insist on it!!
My specialist also said that polyps develop slowly as does some colon cancers but there are many different types--some agressive--some not. So--to me it is logical to be on tha safe side especially as your family history tells you to beware.I have done so many colonoscopies I think my toilet bowl has a permanent "bowel cleansing " stain. In fact I am sure that "little room" hates tha site of me--lol--maybe I should repaint it a soothing pink--lol
Look after yourself Jules--luv, kanga n Jen

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Kanga, just had to chuckle over your bathroom joke. I think my bottom must have "American Standard" permenantly tatooed there! :)

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Hi. I had my first colonoscopy ever last October (2003), basically prompted by my husband's (Bert) stage III diagnosis of colon cancer in July 2003. No family history on my part, not yet 50, the whole nine yards....but thank goodness, I have a doctor who insisted that it's about time (late 40's is close enough) so I had it done. What they found were two pre-cancerous polyups that were immediately removed and when I went in to see the doc for the results, I was immediately told that he wanted to do another one in one year (October, 2004). If all showed clear, than at bear minimum, every three years.


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Julie -

Great advice here. Usually they suggest a 5 year surveillance cycle because colon cancer is USUALLY slow-growin (unlike Barb's case - WOW!)

I have to agree, annual or biennial is the best course of action with a family history.

Barb - re: "American Standard" tattoo - TOO FUNNY!!

Cheers, all

- SpongeBob

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I had a colonoscopy in 2000, in 2003 had colon cancer. The doctor didn't want to do another test because the one in 2000 "looked so good", as he said. But he did it to ease me and there it was, he was shocked.

It runs in my family, so if anyone out there has it in their family you should have it more often. My father had it.

Happy for you, take care. And I wish your dad the best.


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