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"can I shout too??"

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Hiya guys--well--had two more ECG'S yesterday and did a heart stress test(treadmill) and at the moment the specialist is not real sure if my chest pains are heart problems.My cholesterol is not real flash and blood pressure is all over tha place--bout 122 over 95 to 100. He said it is possible the chemo has affected my heart so have 2 more appointments next week to do a more detailed examination.I go tuesday for heart "imaging" --apparently they inject a dye into me then slap me into the machine. Then I will also have bloods and ultrasound done on thursday(ultrasound of heart)
I have to tell yu that at the moment I am pretty pissed off as I thought I was going to get some respite from hospital since finishing chemo(scuse me french)--I am just so peeved that this heart thing has come up and the worry starts again!!-geeeezzzzz------grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Of course now Jen is worried like hell again and my kids are starting to get upset too--and that is what really gets to me--them going thru this all over again--makes it tough on them , don't it.
Sorry guys--guess its pretty trivial compred to lotsa yu guys here and the stuff yu all have to put up with. Its just that all of a sudden I thought things were smoothing out and now this!
I am in a real shitty mood so keep ya distance in case I throw something I shouldna!!!!!

luv yu guys heaps--kanga n Jen

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Hi kangatoo - I am new to the Network, and this is my first posting, but I was struck by the frustration that came through in your message - boy, can I relate. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Following my surgery and chemo, I had nothing but a steady string of health issues, one after the other. I am happy to say that at this point, I think I'm done - done with everything. No more surgeries, tests, follow-ups, except my regular check ups, of course. It is now 4 years since my surgery. Please hang in there, I know it will get better. Judy

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Hey Kanga, you shout as loud as you want. I'll be listening for you in Baltimore, MD (USA). Sorry to hear about your problems. You are one of the most inspirational people on these boards. Keep up the faith!!

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Hi Kanga...you have every right to be upset! I know the feeling of just getting over one thing and another pops up! Let us hope that the tests show nothing too serious. Meanwhile, you can shout and throw...just make sure noone is in the way and that whatever you throw is not something breakable or precious!

Hang in there...you have come such a long way..got to keep the faith.

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Hey Terminator...er, I mean Kanga...

This is just a minor set back. You are indestructible, and will get through this with flying colors. Meds can lower the cholesterol, and by staying on top of the situation, it can get addressed and resolved. Stay tough big guy, and send our best to Jen and the kids as well.

Fingers crossed,


Anonymous user (not verified)

Hey you great, big "softie". I can hear you all the way across the Pacific to Southern California and that's perfectly okay. I don't blame you one little bit for being totally "pissed off." And I know that you are more concerned about Jen and your wee ones than yourself but they are fighters just like you and you will all one day look back upon this hurdle, which you will all just fly over, as just another hurdle on the journey we call life. As I said once before, if you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, march down there and light it yourself and watch how bright it will burn.

Hugs to you, Jen, and your wee ones from the big "softie Kraut" Bert and his sidekick, Monika :) who both insist on this turning out all right.

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Hiya guys--aw--just kinda went to pieces 'tis all.Had a really bad week--things just kept piling up.--All shouted out now!!!!!
Hey Linda--"inspirational"--crikey--that would have to be a disease I caught from yu guys in here--nothin really special bout kanga--just remember--"do unto others"

Jen and I rode our motorcycles today with lots of our club friends(all over 40 geriatrics like us--he he) and I know have "blown" off a bit of steam--feelin much better.
Ali--thanks for your kind reply--no--nothin got thrown--Jen says not allowed to "exert meself liftin stuff"--didn't stop me ridin tho--lol
HEY JUDY--welcome to tha room--gee--great to hear that yu are now in the survivors room with us--how bout a report on your dx and how you faired--let us know all as yu sure could be a help to lots of the guys on here and then some. Lovely to hear yu here--don't go away now!
Stacy--listen girl--if yu are gunna start callin names, kanga is going to search the chemo brain for a suitable aka for yu??---mmmmmmm?----still thinkin! I don't know how many times people mention yu Stacy but yu sure rate some very wonderfull comments in posts ---Guess we all luv yah!!!!!!!!
Monika/Bert------yu namecallin too Monika??--he he Yup--"softie", pretty close to it--I do fall apart occassionally. You are right--my feelings for Jen and tha kids(gee--they are all taller than me!) is somethin pretty special--I worry so much for them that maybe my heart just gets overloaded.
Thanks guys-Jen and I know tha true meaning of "friends"

"amigos para siempre"-------"friends for life"
kanga n Jen

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Hey Guys!!! Hang in there!!!! Bob and I are keeping you all in our prayers!!!! I gave Bob you message accuately he read it over my shoulder. He said that you were right!!! He will put you on his list of things to do after he gets his stuff caught up. He laughed as he said that only if he can lay down on the job!!! He said that he likes to work that way now and makes the little people fetch his tools!!! He also said that is why he likes plumbing that he can sit or lay down on the job and nobody knows that he is napping. We have his CT Scan scheduled for the 25th of Aug and get the results the 31th. Then off to Lead East!!! It is 5 days of nothing but old music and lots of old custom cars. This gives him his BIG FIX'S to last him through the winter. I will be sitting by the cars with my feet up doing nothing!!!! We are hoping that we can celebrate good news!!! I will make sure that I will post before we leave on the 2nd so everyone knows how he made out!!!
You can shout all you want just tell Jen and the kids to put in ear plugs if that makes you feel better!!
Best wishes!!! Bob and Sue

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I have simmered down now Sue---took a while--he he. Please do keep in touch and tell Bob kanga is prayin for him(At night when ah go ta bed I send a word to on high for all)--only trouble is my chemo brain fades when names are needed--but it doesn't matter--HE knows yu all!!!!!
luv n huggs from OZ--kanga n Jen

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Kanga-You have been so sweet and inspirational to me. What can I do to help you???? I will certainly say a bunch of prayers. I can relate to one problem after another, since I have been dealing with this cancer this time since actually February when I started the chemo and radiation and then the surgery on May 20th and we all know how that went. Sooooo,,,,,I totally understand your feelings. It's easy for me to tell you to hang in there, but I know how hard it is. I also know how hard it is on the family. I will pray for you all. I know your family has been as supportive as mine has been, and what would we do without them???? Keep in touch and I hope and pray that everything turns out ok.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Don't blame you for being pissed off. Told hubby and he said he will shout with you. He is dealing with high blood pressure all along since he started chemo.
Can't wait for his treatments to be over with. It really is starting to get to him.
Best of luck to you on all your test next week.
Hope and pray that you won't have to see a hospital or doctor for a long time.

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saying a prayer for you and everyone on here. hang in there and remember if you are going thru hell... keep going. peace.. ramona41

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