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Funny Stories

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My friends and I were recalling my chemo days last night and I have a funny story I thought I would share with you all. After I finished chemo I decided to do some clothes shopping. I got all dressed up and carefully combed out my wig and put it on so I could shop at some of the ritzier stores. I picked out some things and promptly went to the dressing room to try them on. A very proper elderly sales woman showed me to the luxurixous dressing room and mentioned what pretty hair I had. I happliy began to try on dress. Well, I must have gained weight because I couldn't get the sucker off. I was in there so long the saleswoman probably thought that I had left. I heard the key turn and the door swings open to reveal me in all my splendid glory: the dress rolled around my waist, my wig now a tangled mass at my feet looking like some kind of animal, my mascara smeared, my angry scars fully visible and my bald head gleaming. I wish you could have seen her face when she opened the door!

I am sure that alot of you have some stories that are much more hilarious than that one so start sharing!

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I didnt go through chemo or have any stories from that but the drugs I was on in the hospital made me sooo loopy that I said so many things that my family and I joke about all the time. when I got out of the hospital I did alot of things that people were like ummm what is with this girl. the thing is some of the stuff is just funnier to my friends and I but cloths shopin did become the harder thing to do that I have a brace on my left leg because I have nerve damage so when I try on pants the easiest thing is to make sure that I can slide the pants on over my shoe and brace because I can not stand without it and I would try on pants and sometimes get them stuck on my shoe and almost fall over I did fall into the door one time and the sales woman was like OMG are u ok and it was nothin just hit it with my shoulder to get my balance and my sister and friends were crackin up cause they knew what happened and the sales person was freakin out and thought I was hurt or somethin I just pulled the pants off my leg then threw them so they would hang over the door and was like I dont want these she was so confused because u dont notice my brace is there and now a days I barely limp even though I still have problems with my leg people just dont notice. I will have times when my balance is randomly very off and almost fall but never do and people will just look at me and are prolly thinkin is this girl drunk my friends and I joke and I will be like I shouldnt of had that last drink or some random thing. but I can relate with the funny stories...

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"Video Store" incident...... that covers it all!

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