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my first week back at work !!!!!

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hi all,
i went back to work this week. i work for a big chain drug store. i have been out for 2 1/2 months recovering from colon cancer. i have a new boss who came in to greet me and walk my store.
being i was out for that time, there were many people coming to help out and they left several messes.when we walked the store i was being blamed for all the messes that someone else and done. i feel that was not fair. but having cancer
where would i be able to get another job?????
would anybody hire me???????
don't know.i am very down today
i got passed cancer and could not believe this today. any insight would be appreciated

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I am so sorry your new boss is such a prick!!!! For some reason, some management types (as well as worker bees) don't understand and assume that since you were out for over 2 months, you played and partied the entire time.

Maybe the idiot is testing you or trying to "run" you off. Try to give it a go for a week or so and then reaccess. And remember, there is a thing called harassment at the workplace!!!! A call to the HR dept. about his/her abusive treatment may be necessary.

FYI. It is against the law for anyone to hold the cancer against you for employment. It is also against the law for your present employer to mention it if you do chose to change jobs. You do not have to mention it unless asked for medical insurance purposes.

If you do chose to change jobs, remember this is about the work you can do, it is not about your health issues, unless they can impact your work.

Hang in there and don't let that whimpy turkey get you too down!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hi.. sorry for the jerk. I feel that the living with cancer brings out people's true colors. Most people step up to the challenge and shine with brillance. There are always, however, a few dark coals.

TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Perhaps the new boss is feeling insecure and needs to blame others (you) for dinky problems. If you are so upset it is affecting how you feel mentally/recovering - pull him aside and tell him the messes aren't your doing, but you are looking forward to the challenge of fixing them WITH your bosses support.

Maybe you look so good the nitwit forgot why you were out - definately another option. My work has been INCREDIBLE, except for 2 jerks - one of which apologized via email after she left. The other just sucks. Not everyone can be incredible. Try not to allow the bad ones to impact your mental health too much.

Simply do your best, and if the new boss's negativity brings you down; leave. You can always stay with the job while sending out your resume. The law is on your side, but realistically - getting a new job is stressful. Minimize your stress. Please come here to vent.

If everyone was beautiful, the true beauty wouldn't shine. YOu new boss is there to make others look all the more amazing. Take it in stride. We know how tough it is.
Good luck. jana

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Some people just can't see beyond their own brains!They are so self centred they forget that maybe--just maybe, someday it may be them needing support.
Now you can reflect and take comfort knowing that everone on this board has learnt the meaning of the word "compassion".The people at your workplace have yet to come to grips with that--but sooner or later--they too will have to look back on on how they have treated others.I too would tell the boss to open his "eyes".
Our best--kanga n Jen

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Hey there, fed...

Hang in there. Some good advice here. I may be mistaken, but I believe our "condition" fall within the purview of the American's With Disabilities Act - that might be worth keeping in your back pocket when you contact the Human Resources manager of your store - which I also highly recommend you do.

- SpongeBob

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