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Well, back home and resting now two weeks post op. Kelly did a posting a let people know things went generally okay. A bit of a delay in the bowels starting working again after the op was a bit rough- vomiting with a fresh laparotomy scar is NOT fun- but now getting used to the stoma and feeling a bit better each day.
Histology was mixed news- excellent response to preop chemoradiation so a large tumour had shrunk to only small clusters of cells but unfortunately 2 out of 10lymph contained a few cells so they gradeit as Dukes C/stage 3. Hadhoped for no lymph involvement but hey.
Off to see my oncologist Monday to discuss the order of things next- chemo then reversal of stoma or vice versa (any advise from people about this is appreciated).

Overall it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done and still get frustrated at teh slow rate of recovery- I felt fine and was out running 3-4 times a week before surgery and now a shower exhausts me- but that is something that I am learning to live with. Frstrated at not being able to pick up my gorgeous 3 month old son but at least I can sit with hm on my lap (as long as he doesn't punch me in the belly which he is liable to do!) Overall pleased to be without the ******* thing ('scuse the language but there is no other way to describe it for me) and looking forward to life without cancer.

Hope you have all been doing well and will start to be more active on teh site again as energy allows.


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I posted a msg a couple days ago asking if anyone heard form you or Kelly. Steve - I understand the fustration but just think how far you've come in the past 5 months. If it makes you feel better my mom is one month post operation and is feeling MUCH better. Her bowel movements are a little annoying for her but after rectal surgery it's to be expected. My mother had the same histology - excellent response to pre op chemo and 1 node effected. I was expecting much worse so handled that news quite well.

Take time to recover and don't worry - you'll be picking up your son in no time! You are now offically CANCER FREE!!!! YIPPIE!!!

My mother is starting chemo on monday. It's going to be through pills because her veins aren't the greatest. The doctor said the pills are the same as 5 fu but even less side effects.

I wish you all the best and please keep us posted on your recovery. I'm very happy to hear from you!!! Take extra good care of yourself.


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My dad is stage IV colon cancer. He was pretty active prior to his surgery and was frustrated with having to slow down after surgery. He was actually feeling pretty good a couple weeks after surgery and started resuming some fairly easy activities (so he thought)which negatively impacted the healing of his incision. He was told to take it very, very easy for the next 4 weeks. He did this, which made him totally crazy, but he is feeling much better now. The incision has healed, his bowels are functioning again (he has a colostomy too, and it took awhile for the bowels to start working)and he has resumed normal activities. You really do have to just take it easy for the 4 -6 weeks that the Dr's recommend. Too much too soon causes setbacks.

Best wishes for the completion of your healing,

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Hi Steve, Welcome back. I had my ileostomy reversed last yr. prior to my post op chemo. Bad decision. I only received 4 out of 12 post op chemo treatments because I had diarrhea so bad I was hospitalized and had to stop. The reason I had it done right away was because I was out of work and figured I would have it done before I went back I tolerated the pre op chemo fine. I had 2 nodes positive. Good luck, let me know what you decide.
Maureen PS Enjoy that baby

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Hi Steve
I'm just starting 6 weeks from surgery and know where you are coming from. I have a treadmill and started walking immediately - of course I could only walk 1.2 speed and could do small amounts at a time but I tried to walk a mile even it it took many times a day to do it. Now I'm up to 1.5 miles at a speed of 2.3 - still not olympic quality but I credit my recovery with keeping moving. This also helped my bowels start again and that was a major concern for me as even with my walking that didn't happen until 4th week. My surgeon was amazed at the progress so I guess a lot of people just go home and recovery without much movement. I understand that - there is pain in recovery. Sometimes LOTS of pain but if you stop moving it seems everything takes longer to heal.

I'm sending good thoughts your way. Take one day at a time and hug that baby when you're feeling down.


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Hiya Steve n Kelly--I agree with Deneen--be very carefull about how much and how soon you try to get back to normal mate.Robyn's(hi Robyn) advice about excercise is very important--even tho the pain is a bit prohibitive you must gradually increase your mobility.
Frustration?--know tha feeling only too well mate, time is the only thing that will overcome that unfortunately.Do not try to lift things prematurely as it will take quite some time for your wound to heal properly--straining is definately a no-no!
Been thinking of yah Steve--b well--b safe and most of all b patient.
luv n hugs---kanga n Jen

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Ahoy, Steve -

First, let me congratulate you on your accomplishments thus far. Way to go - you also have a fantatic outlook "can't wait to be cancer-free". That's the right attitude and it will serve you well in the months to come - don't lose sight of it. I wasn't much of a runner - but I was (and am once again) a bicyclist (although I do more elliptical now) and weightlifter. I was so run down by chemo, work, part-time job, emotional fatigue from a nasty divorce & not seeing my kids, and a whole hot of other things, I was the same way - got tired just showering. Hang in there and keep up the gym regime as best as you can, it will elp with the fatigue and help you keep focused.

Hang tough. Remember, that little 3 month-old guy needs you!

Best regards

- SpongeBob

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Hey Steve, give yourself a break and go easy on yourself as well. My Bert is a hands on do everything kind of guy, never really sick a day in his life. Diagnosed July 2003 stage III right colon cancer, four nodes positive. Came home after surgery...felt great the first two days and then like a baby for about two weeks....a walk fromt he bed to the potty produced sweat and weak spells like you wouldn't believe. This all passes...major surgery is a brutal recovery and I don't care if your are superman...it takes time.

Today, he is NED and we are in the process of doing a demolishen derby to our home...remodeling, etc., and he's right in there with the 20 year olds...keeping pace (he's 51).

Monika & Bert

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