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cancer cure????

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Hiya all--the website I give here might be of some interest to all.It was aired on a current affairs program here in OZ.The program interviewed several people with many different cancers and was for me and Jen very touching.
If the truth be known one wonders whether govt's/ the pharmaceutical companies and other medical institutions have a vested interest in preventing a "possible cure" for cancer from becoming public knowledge?
I leave it up to you to comment.
You will find an article re; cancer cure at

hope this works ok
cheers and luv---kanga n Jen

ps--I celebrated 1 year anniversary out of surgery on 7 aug.
BTW--thanks to all of you for your words of support to me.

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hi kanga,

I think the answer is obvious. It is BIG business and the price paid by us, the cancer patient is way too high. That is one of the reasons why I opted out of that game. Look at all the drugs needed to "manage" cancer. If you read Dr. Ralph Moss's book QUESTIONING CHEMO you will get the low down on the origins of chemo. It ain't pretty and we're the guinea pigs.

If you go to www.curezone.com and do a search on Dr. Kelley (or Ganzales sp?) you will get an eyeful on what happens to folks who find alternative ways to cure cancer. And forget about quackwatch. They have an agenda and it is not always in our best interest either.

Congratulations on your anniversary!! WOOHOO!!

peace, emily who will now step off her soapbox

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also check into Royal Rife. He was blacklisted too and did cures with radio frequencies. He was first wined and dined and then blacklisted. It is a business first and foremost and the powers that be want to control the flow if you know what I mean. It makes me sick. Meanwhile people like my sister die every day.

peace, emily

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Hey there kanga n Jen,

Im from Australia too and I saw A Current Affair last night also. I was fighting back the tears aswell as being so amazed while watching the program as to how many people had doctors telling them there was no hope, until they saw this Dr Holt who obviously has a alternative treatment that works. It just makes you wonder that if his method seems to work, why on earth this is not a common procedure???

My dad has stage IV colorectal cancer and he wasnt give a whole lot of time by his doctors. He actually is starting his chemo on Thursday, but I was seriously thinking about looking into Dr Holt a little more. I guess I just have to wait and see how the chemo reacts to my dad, but this few days leading up to it have been my worst so far, i think its anxiety.

Oh and congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

Take care

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! CONGRATULATIONS! and thank you for the stimulating information.

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It just makes me so mad and disgusted. We are just pawns on the chessboard so someone can make money and then buy their way into elected postions. Here in the US, no one runs for president anymore, they just buy it. MONEY TALKS!!!!

Thanks Kanga and I am thinking about you and your impending tests. You are such a kind man, you deserve so much better!!!! And I fully expcet you to start getting it soon!!!!

Hugs, Lisa P.

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Hiya Emily--errrrr---ever heard of ZPG?????Zero population growth--mmm--one wonders just how "natural" diseases like AIDS really are?Will check out those sites asap.
Thanks for the congrats Tara n Lisa--yup--pretty happy to be thru all that chemo crap too.Hey Lisa--what's with the "kind man " thingy?---kanga just thinks that all yu guys are worth more than a pinch of salt, and then some.If it wasn't for all my friends here I would have gorn ta pieces long ago--it ain't me that needs the praise, it's the wonderfull guys here like yourselves that have such an impact on all of us!!!!!!!

Belinda!!!!!crikey--nother aussie--gee, nice to see yu with us girl!I take it that yu are very concerned about your dad Belinda--which brings yu here--hey--no better place to be--the guys here are a godsend.I was dx'd stage 2 in aug. 03 , had surgery then 6 months of chemo.--check out my pers. page under "kangatoo". I will try to send yu a pers. email so keep a lookout on the mail board on your start page.I am sorry bout yah dad and hope he handles the chemo ok---don't think we have spoken b4 so please let me know if dad has any concerns about chemo that I might help him with.Also yu might like to let me know more details.
Really, really hope he can cope and yu keep a good attitude Belinda--he is gunna need all tha support yu can muster--look after yourself too.
lotsa luv, huggs and sending yu a "rainbow" for your dad---there is lotsa faith at the end of that rainbow.
kanga n Jen

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kanga and jen. tried to get on that sight but could not get on. first of all congrats on your annv HUUUUURRRRAAAYYYYYY!!! i am going to have those anv too. you take care and let us know about your tests. ya know i am here praying for both of you. take care


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