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Chemo lasting 1 year

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My brother was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer last October. Did radiaton for 3 months and is now in his 7th month of chemo. He now goes 1x a week vs. the first 3 months of every day. Doesn't this seem long? He lives far away from me and doesn't ask the doctor many questions. He tells me that his oncologist says his blood counts are fine and that he's doing well. How can I get more information? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't have much too say but my Step mom has been on it for 2 years, from stage three. It can be a long haul. If you want questions answered call his Dr. yourself, it couldn't hurt. Maybe it will inspire him to ask more questions.

Good luck and stay strong

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Hi Jim,
I was st3 colon 6 of 13 nodes bad. I was scheduled for the 6mos of chemo but I suffered terribly from dihorreah, so badly that I was heading for renal failure. I was put onto a weekly regime of 5fu and levamisol as was my chemo companion Tom. Tom was in his late 70's and the six monthly regime was considered too strenuous for him . The year of chemo was considered only slightly less effective than the heavy hit and I have been cancer free since my op in jan 98. Pass on my best wishes to your brother ,I hope things go well for him Cheers Ron.

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